Retro Hip Converged at YOUniversity Suites and L.A Village

Retro Hip Converged at YOUniversity Suites and L.A Village


Found on Claro M, Recto, the four-stories Laperal Apartments was originally built in 1946.  It was one of several art-deco style structures erected over the once-posh area along Calle Azcarraga, now CM Recto, signaling the rebirth of Manila from the ruins of World War II.


Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites


In the past, it housed so many memories of glam and at the same time was able to witness sad stories of the war. It recently underwent an overhaul and facelift. Thoughtfully restored and transformed into affordable dormitory rooms. Youniversity Suites caters to the undergraduates studying in Manilas  U-Belt. Just a few steps away from schools such as UE, San Sebastian College. 85 semi-furnished units are ready to be lived in.

The newly constructed YOUniversity Suites currently has 85 apartments, with an additional 14-story building in the works. Once completed, the second building is estimated to have 211 apartments, a pool, gym, and a commercial annex.


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Each semi-furnished dormitory room has bunk beds, kitchen with granite countertop, and a private toilet  & Bath.

Awesome common areas for:

  • Roof Terraces
  • Sky Lounge
  • Courtyard
  • Infinity Pool

Amenities that are pretty useful:

  • ATMs
  • Free Wi-fi in the common area
  • Parking Spaces
  • Gym (membership required)
  • Quick access to L.A Village


Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites
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L.A Village– a vintage-inspired vintage inspired commercial 4 floor complex of fun and entertainment. Retroelements are presents like wooden barrels turned into fountains, an Airstream travel trailer repurposed into a food kiosk, and an authentic World War 1 German aircraft that floats majestically over the common dining area.


Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites


A strategic gateway to the 18 colleges, universities, and review institutions in the area, and houses familiar retail brands and new concept merchants.


Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites
Photo: YOUniversity Suites Official Facebook Page


Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites

A wide range of budget-friendly food stalls, restaurants serving value for money dishes that can cater to the palette of any students. Entertainment areas for: play billiards, listen to live music and much more


Snippets During the Media Launch:

February 13, members of the press, online influencers and VIP gathered to tour YOUniversity Suites and L.A Village.

Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites


As guests got a taste of the culinary delights provided by the unique retail complex. UDD serenaded guest as just in time for Valentine’s Day.


More than 40 commercial establishments participated during the launch to have their wonderful food and products be sampled.

A sample of a unique concept vendor is this once from Nitro 7 as it is the country’s very first nitrogen-infused cold brew and tea bar.

Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites
NITRO 7-cold brew. One of our best pick vendor in L.A Village


Another favorite is Camino’s Taco offering tex-mex tacos that use base authentic flavors and still maintain a good price point for students.

Fat Girls Day Out- YOUniversity Suites
Camino’s Tacos

Check out snippets from this video:

Our main takeaway and conclusion

The YOUniversity Suites x L.A Village is simply a bright idea. With the rise of the current student population in Manila U-belt area, in turn, creating a demand for even as we call it a ‘solution‘ space for them where it is safe, convenient and not to mention all facilities are brand new.

Props also to the team YOUniversity Suites for putting up a complex that marries modernity and structure and yet highlights the value of the past structures giving new light and glory.

For our college Gen Z’s out there who are still cramped up in their old and musky dorm, we highly recommended that you transfer immediately! Did you know that a room in this brand new complex starts at just 5,500php/ person/mo? Book a Tour Here

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