Sa Wakas, A Pinoy Rock Musical: The Perfect Bittersweet Apotheosis

Sa Wakas, A Pinoy Rock Musical: The Perfect Bittersweet Apotheosis


I have been an avid fan of Sugarfree since 1999. They released five (5) albums altogether and all these albums are like the storytellers of love, despair, and even sometimes just telling us “Tulog Na” things will be okay. Sugarfree’s songs are so relatable that I don’t mind playing their songs on loop after all these years.  The group sadly disbanded in 2011 and held their memorable farewell concert “Paalam Pilipinas” in a rainy yet jam-packed Eastwood Plaza. Come 2013 when it was announced that they were going to make a musical narrative play using Sugarfree Songs I ran and got myself my first pass.  One of the most memorable local productions. As Filipinos, we all love good stories about heartbreak. We love it so much that entertainment companies commercialized the whole concept and cash cow from its whole premise.  While heartbreak is the whole operating concept of Sa Wakas, the independently-produced play was able to still touch on the gradations of love’s concluding game.

After 4 years when social media teasers spreading of a re-run for Sa Wakas last year January 2017. I avidly followed their Facebook Live rehearsals- it was nostalgic when Pepe Herrera started singing “Kwarto”.


When is the beginning of the end?


Sa Wakas is a bittersweet musical that chronicles the breakdown of a long-term relationship. What makes the story unique is its unconventional perspective.

Told in reverse, the narrative begins at the end of a crushing breakup and works its agonizing way backward to the relationship’s starry-eyed beginning.

The Cast


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For more details about the production, you may visit their official website and facebook page.

The 2018 Repertoire Songs

We created this playlist to psych you out.  You may check out our full curated Fat Girls Day Out playlist here.


The Farewell Run. Why it is the Nirvana.

Ejay Yatco’s remarkable musical arrangement gave new life to Dancel’s songs, I was transported to the emotional waves of Sa Wakas. Layers of strings like violin and Cielo definitely amped how “Ikaw Pala”, “Prom”, and “Bawat Daan” song experience. The role of  Topper was originally played by Fred Lo back in 2013 and I thought boy he was so good, but when Vic Robinson and Pepe Herrera took the lead role last 2017- he gave more depth to the character. Cara Barredo (Lexi) is unquestionably perfect to hit those high notes.

Many admirations go to the show’s writer-director Andrei Paminutan giving extended versions of the play to perfectly flesh out the depth of each person.

If you’ve also seen Sa Wakas several times during the three (3) week run last 2013, it is pretty hard not to contrast.




The play perfectly evolved since its first run (2013), with the perfect roster of creative people behind it. They removed early embellishments along the way so the story really hit that Achilles heel where it really hurts. Tumatagos sa Puso talaga.  The reinterpretation of Sugarfree’s songs has supplied to the play’s enduring run. As I mentioned above, the music is that relatable that even younger Millennials can relate to each track. The music matured along with the band members, and then Sugarfree’s original fans who are now approaching our mid 30’s.


Fat Girls Day Out- Sa Wakas

The 2018 run is crisper compared to the 2013 and 2017 shows. Everything made sense and on point for each character’s journey. Wonderfully flesh out complexities of each individual character play. Minced, brined, and savored for who they are.


Fat Girls Day Out- Sa Wakas


With Sa Wakas aside from the love story, you will see representations of Metro Manila and the people who live in it. How this city confuses you about career paths, personal relationship choices, and having the balls to grab those choices by the sack. The effects of choosing what makes you happy perhaps? Like love. Sometimes making a personal choice about one’s attainment of happiness may be seen as selfishness or discontent. The vague push and pull of the universe. Black & White. Yin & Yang.


Fat Girls Day Out- Sa Wakas


Sa Wakas depicts a certain kind of self-consciousness that afflicts most of us these days. The inescapable knowledge that whatever you decide will be judged publicly, in a matter of minutes, from all angles. Whatever we create and choose today no longer feels like it’s truly ours. Lifestyle choices, partners, and even art. Everyone has their own opinion on how we should be making the right choices. Whatever we create and choose today no longer feels like it’s truly ours. Sugarfree songs are one of the best OPM rock music that came from the last era to ever allow art to affect lives. The songs in their albums lived inside Ebe Dancel’s head for years. It lived inside rooms, in our own tiny “Kwarto” and  “Mariposas,” those private places where loneliness felt both like a pain and pleasure. Dive into the chaos of the moment as we say.

The ending is unconventional and may not give you that happy ending, but it’s the entirety of the storyline. You need that certain closure to make things right. Proceed and cringe despite everything because the story needs to convey that narrative. The story transcends different relationship segments, Well, because the theme is falling in and out of love.

The theatre is not just a show. It is an experience.


Sa Wakas runs from April 7 until May 27 at Power Mac Center Spotlight, Circuit Lane, Circuit Makati, Makati City. Tickets, priced from 800php t0 1,500php, are available through

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