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Home cooked meals are something everyone can relate to, regardless of race, citizenship, or color. It’s a dish that represents the feeling of familiarity, sentiment, and belonging.

For every Filipino, homecooked or “lutong bahay” means a different thing, especially when you’re from different regions and provinces.

With over 7,107 islands, each of these locales has made dishes native to their provinces and tastes. Unfortunately, to experience all these dishes you would need to travel to all corners of the Philippines. Lutong bahay(homecooked) are dishes that pay homage to what ingredients are available in your respective land, and the techniques and traditional ways of preparing them. It is always personal. An experience that can only be revisited every time you go home.

Luckily, here in Manila Chef Reymar Reyes gives you a shortcut by creating a menu with iconic dishes from varying regions across the country.

Sangkap is a contemporary Filipino restaurant, that takes you to different regions of the Philippines, from all the way north in the Ilocos region to southern regions of Cebu and Davao, he takes their traditional dishes and adds a unique twist that elevates the usual way the dish is cooked.

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To celebrate Sangkap‘s 2nd year with over 3 branches, they have launched the Fiesta packs of their most celebrated dishes with platters good for 12 pax. This is especially timely for the Christmas season where everyone has a reunion, a Christmas party, or office get-togethers. These fiesta packs will be available starting November 11, 2017.

Here is the list of the Sangkap Fiesta Packs with over 16 different regional Filipino dishes:


You can order using the Food Panda app, or call 0917 5003187 a day in advance for your order.

Our Sangkap favorites:


Our top pick is the Cebu Lechon Sinigang, which uses a unique mango base then tops it with a crispy Lechon Cebu. The crispy skin and tender meat in perfect unison with the thick tangy mango broth, that’s perfect with plain rice.


Everyone has their version of Adobo, I dare you to try the Sangkap version, the Zamboanga Adobong Baka sa Gata uses beef instead of the traditional pork and chicken, and adds rich coconut milk that contrasts with the vinegar, that brings out more flavor in the meat. It’s similar to a curry or rendang.


For seafood lovers, we recommend trying the Ivatan Kilawin, the mix of tanigue, shrimp, and squid with the coconut milk brings in a unique flavor with various plays on texture to this dish originally from Batanes.


For those who are a bit more adventurous, I suggest trying the Kalderetang Lengua, it’s the tender ox tongue is coated with a thick tomato sauce with melted cheese that compliments the flavor of the meat. It’s smooth tasting, and quite the delicacy if you’re willing to try.

Most of Sangkap’s dishes take the original regional dish and adds a unique twist either by changing the way the dish is prepared or cooked.

On top of Sangkap’s new fiesta packs, they will now be accepting catering functions in their existing branches: Portico, Vista Mall, and Vertis North. For more information call 0917 8074675.

As Filipinos, we show our love and hospitality thru food, with sentiments like “kain” (eat) to whoever passes us by. We also like bringing food to the people we love because we like to share. Regardless of the place, we love getting together and sharing our meals. This tradition has been instilled in the hearts and minds of Filipinos.

Chef Reymar tries to bring home all of us, wherever that may be. He teleports you to the vast regions of the Philippines and lets you taste each of the distinct regional dishes that they have to offer. No plane tickets or boat ride needed.  With the variety of offerings here in Sangkap, we are sure to come back and try their other offerings.

Note: This article is a partnership with Sangkap Filipino Restaurant.

Sangkap Branches: 

Portico by Alveo, Captain Javier Street, Oranbo, Pasig City

Vista Mall, FTI, Taguig City

Ayala Malls Vertis North, Bagong Pag-Asa, Quezon City


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