Skewered: Your Next Pan-Asian Gastronimic Destination

Skewered: Your Next Pan-Asian Gastronimic Destination


From all over the world, we all have our different versions of grilled meats. For Americans, they have their ribs and brisket, for Latin Americana, they have churrasco, for the middle east, they have their kebabs, and for Asians, they have their rich array of satay, yakitori, and barbecue.


What is a skewer? To most of us, that is simply a barbecue stick. But further research points it is a metal rod that is used to fasten meat for cooking. What we don’t usually talk about it is how each other Asian nations actually has some sort of version of it.


Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered


Here in Skewered, they bring all these difference skewered meats from different countries into just one table.


Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered


Upon entry, we notice the theme of the restaurant, the entire place is a replica of a shipwreck. Low hanging wooden fixtures, rustic lamps, moss-covered walls, and ceiling. A variety of elements can be found all around the floor if you look close enough.


Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

What is interesting is the mural they have on the back side of the restaurant, it tells the story of how spice traders landed in Asia and eventually influenced them by using the spices on the ship eventually helping to create the different kinds of skewered meats each Asian country had. That same ship is represented by the Skewered restaurant itself, is a mixture of Asian flavors.  Here are our top picks on your next order.



Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

Their miso soup is served with a skewered tempura. There is a hint of sweetness to the broth, but it’s a nice contrast when you grab a spoonful after a bite of tempura.



Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

Tasty, tangy, and comforting.



Fat Girls Day Out- Skwered

Generous portions of cabbage, lettuce, edamame, and peanuts drizzled with a sesame soy dressing.



Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered


This was a nice take on the traditional chicken tenders. The whole bite is balanced with the fresh garlic, pickled vegetables, lettuce, chicken, and the salted egg sauce.




Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

  • Szechuan Chicken Skewer – Slightly spicy and great with the peanut or salted egg sauce
  • Chicken Tandoori – Smoky, tender, and a mild taste of Indian spices.
  • Mongolian Chicken
  • Japanese Pork Belly

Experience a roullete of flavors from all around these Asian-inspired skewered meats!

Beef Salpicao

Two layers of hanging salpicao that is torched right on your table.

Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

Hints of butter and garlic envelope your mouth.

These dishes are served with their three Homemade Dipping Sauce: Salted Egg, Peanut, and Lemon Fish Sauce. All made in-house.



Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

The plating of their Pad Thai is beautiful, enveloped in scrambled egg and topped with char-grilled shrimps. The dish has a mild contrasting tinge of sweet-sour flavors. This has to be one of our favorite Pad Thai’s in Manila.



Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

Fried rice mixed with Chinese sausage, eggs, spring onions, carrots, corn, and green peas. It’s tasty by itself and is a bit similar to pepper rice.





Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

The roti envelopes the fresh banana and mango slices. They top this with coconut cream and peanuts.


Skewered has a pretty extensive bar list and not to mention pretty strong alcohol. Perfectly goes well with their laid-back vibe and pairing dishes.

Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

We recommend that you try these drinks below for your ultimate liquid courage sampling for the night.

  • Cheap Lapu Lapu
  • Plains of Laguna
  • Engkanto Lager -5% Alcohol
  • Engkanto Double IPA- 8.5% Alcohol


Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered


If you’re a hop head you’d be happy that Skewered serves Engkanto craft beers. Probably one of the only few who offers this craft beer in the south.  Go for their double IPA which will knack you with ABV 8.5% to get you lose and animated.


Fat Girls Day Out- Skewered

Skewered takes you on a Pan-Asian Tour with flavors reminiscent of each country profile presented. Each element that they borrow from these various cuisines is authentic, flavorful, and friendly to the Filipino palate. It is not overwhelming, and bring a strong impact on their dishes.



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  • Ground Floor, Expansion Wing (Water Garden), Festival Mall, Filinvest City, Alabang, Muntinlupa City
  • Contact No. 02 8216745


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