Smith Butcher and Grill Room: Would you pay 17,000php for 5 pieces of steak?

Once we arrived for dinner, we were greeted by a parking lot. Something that is usually absent from most makati based restaurants. This was a pleasant surprise. Coming over, I didn’t have any expectations.


The ambiance of the dimly lit ceiling, and modern furniture of wood, metal and steel, it surprisingly comfortable. Once you enter you will see there is a bar to your right side as well as their steak museum to the far back and their cheese selection.

Cheese Selection


Steak Selections


The servers are very attentive to your needs, once you take your seat they offer you a glass of still or sparkling water.

Here comes our first order.

Air Flown Oyster Rockefeller 120 PHP per piece

The oysters were really fresh and cooked well, the cheese didn’t overpower the taste but complement it.

Now, I know we came here for meat and I’m really excited to start. We ordered the off menu item called “Around the World” which showcases 5 different steaks, done in different ways from 5 different continents. I was so overwhelmed the moment they put down the stone slab containing the 5 marbled filled meat goodness.

US Prime Angus dry aged for 45 days.

First Stop: USA featuring a US Prime Angus Dry Aged for 45 days.

You can taste the aging of the meat was really able to mature the beef and create an umami that bursts into your mouth.

France Fillet Mignon Tenderloin

Second Stop: France featuring a Fillet Mignon Tenderloin from Charolais Cattle. In contrast to the first steak this had less marbling but was still packed with the meaty flavor. I truly believe we experience different countries thru the food they serve.

Matsusaka Beef

Third stop: Hailing from the Mie region from Japan the  Matsusaka Beef is air flown direct from Tokyo. It’s known to be the most expensive steak in the world.

Compared to the Kobe beef, the Matsusaka beef comes from the Japanese black virgin heifers or Kuro Wagyu cows that are especially pampered. The intense even marbling is evident from the juices seeping out of the steak. The fat to meat ratio is so high I got dizzy  after a few bites but worth it. So flavorful and tender it melts in your mouth. This was the highlight of the trip.

Snake River Farms Wagyu Cube Roll

Fourth Stop: Now we go back to the US for a taste of Snake River Farms.

This big cut of meat is marbled and very tasty. It also has the same umami flavor we had when we tried the US Prime Angus.

Australian grass-fed organic sirloin

Fifth Stop: From down under we get the Australian grass-fed Organic Sirloin.

Though this is not as marbled as the other steaks, it was also very full of flavor and very satisfying.

The Around the World definitely takes you to a trip from West to East and down under. You can really differentiate the different kinds of meat and the quality. This came with 6 kinds of sauce namely: black truffle sauce, green peppercorn sauce, pinot noir sauce, bearnaise sauce, wild mushroom sauce, and blue cheese sauce. Personally, I really liked the black truffle sauce since it compliment the steaks the best. It also came with different side dishes such as, steamed spinach, creamy mash potatoes(THIS WAS SOOO GOOD), grilled vegetables, steamed rice, and a side salad. The whole platter will set you back by 17,000 PHP, actually if you consider the price of each of the steaks it is quite a steal.

Baked Alaska

For dessert, we ordered the Baked Alaska. I found this entertaining and tasty. I think the only problem is their dessert menu as it does not really have a lot of choices.

Certainly, the Smith Butcher and Grill Room will satisfy your most meaty desires, however, you need to take note that it is also quite expensive. Their Customer Service is excellent, their food is really good and they have parking. Expect to spend 5000 PHP for two.

Definitely one for the books! 

4 extra rice

Smith Butcher and Grill Room

Contact Number:+63 9154295167; 02 8339623

ACI Building, 147 H. V. Dela Costa Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City



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