Soban K-Town Grill: 6 Types of Meat and Unlimited Sides

Soban K-Town Grill: 6 Types of Meat and Unlimited Sides


How many of you watch Korean drama?

If you do, then you know that there is always a scene where the girl and the boy eats together with family or friends and share some samgyupsal and soju. If you don’t, it’s usually a pivotal point when finally things seems to be going well for our main characters. Korean Barbecue is a group meal meant to be shared between family and friends.


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From the Sung Rah and Happyfoods Group, they have brought in Soban K-town Grill, right here in Metro Manila so we can have the same korean experience.



Here at Soban K-town they offer group meals for a different number of people. What we tried for this visit came with 6 different types of meat that comes with 6 kinds of unlimited side dishes meant to be shared for 4 people.


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Their Mega Meat BBQ set for 4 comes with 1,200g of Premium meat. They have 3 beef dishes and 3 pork dishes. Each type of meat to be cooked at a different time. From those with just salt and pepper to soy garlic and to chili bean flavored meat.


The servers can cook the meat for you or you can choose to cook it yourself. Start with the plain one, then work your way to the soy garlic flavored meat, and to the chili soy. You can opt to have your meat with rice, kimchi rice, or with lettuce.

Make sure to dip the meat into the sesame oil, then dip into the soy-chili sauce, add a bit of grilled garlic, and kimchi on a bed of lettuce. Aside from that, it also comes with their famous fried chicken, unlimited rice and unlimited soup.

Personally, our favorite was the plain ones that were coaxed in the sesame and soy paste. Aside from their set meals, they also have personal sets and ala carte items you can add to your meal.

Insider Tip: When they say it’s for 4, they mean they will only serve it to 4. So if you’re a group of 5, add an Ala carte order from the menu so you can still share the whole set. 


If you want to have a family meal that is interactive, fun, and engaging. Korean barbecue is a great way to bond with family and friends, and here at Soban K-Town Grill, they provide affordable Korean favorite dishes, prepared in front of you, that comes with a number of sides. Order a soju or two to get the full Korean experience.


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Soban K-Town Grill

  • Greenbelt 3
  • Contact: 02 2469069 ext:732
  • 11am – 12midnight

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Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Field trip, yes?

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