Sushi Ninja (Alabang): Stealth in its own way!

Sushi Ninja (Alabang): Stealth in its own way!


With all the Japanese themed restaurants sprouting all over Metro Manila primarily in Makati, Ortigas and Quezon City most of which have been avidly featured in popular food & lifestyle websites there is this one small sushi nook from down south Alabang, Muntinlupa who sits quietly in the middle of Westgate Complex. The area is modestly quiet and chill. No one has been talking about this place because of biases towards location most probably or south people would just like to keep this humble restaurant for themselves.

The Matt Floro Tanjuakio, learned and practiced sushi-making at the California Sushi Academy in Los Angeles California, bringing its principles back home in the Philippines. He opened Sushi Ninja last 2016 and people from the South started patronizing his restaurant from its 1st month of opening.

This modern Japanese restaurant features warehouse-style interiors, overhead wooden lamp crates, Ninja blades stuck randomly across the room and pop art vinyl complementing and creating a laid back and minimalist Japanese ambiance.

Spicy Tuna Salad, 300 PHP; Salmon Sashimi, 320 PHP

Fresh Salmon Sashimi, and refreshing Spicy Tuna Salad.

Ebi Tempura (3pcs),280 PHP;  Sakura maki, 360 PHP

This is a sushi restaurant, so I recommend you order the Hiroshima Maki or if you want to be a bit adventurous the Covarrubias Maki that comes with chorizo. The Sakura Maki seems if you want a lighter tasting as compared to the two (2). Sushi servings are generous and big.

Shinjuku Maki, 490 PHP
Hiroshima Maki, 380 PHP

Sushi Ninja is a pioneer in bringing their signature dish the Toshi, which is inspired by the owner’s chef sensei. Deep fried balls of sushi with generous toppings. A must try is Okinawa Toshi (P360), a deep-fried sushi with cream cheese on the inside, topped with torched salmon and fish roe with a hint of truffle oil. Toshi balls may be overpowering so I suggest you share this with a group. One or two pieces is enough per person. Most people will love or disdain this dish, but you’ll be the judge.

They designed their menu to highlight the main attraction of their restaurant with an extensive variety of both traditional and contemporary take on Sushi. A modern take on sushi varieties are interesting but they still manage to not go overboard with their interpretation keeping what is essential to every piece prevalent and not compromising to what makes a good sushi dish.

If you are a determined Japanese food enthusiasts this is a good destination restaurant to go to that is if you’re from north, east or west. This restaurant is not loud and demanding. It lets its customers advocate how good their dishes are on behalf of them.

Sushi Ninja has become a go-to restaurant for those folks who live down south when they want to satisfy their want for good and fresh sushi. For its quality, taste, and value for what you pay for we are giving this restaurant a holy 4 extra rice rating!

Sushi Ninja

Westgate, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa.

+63917-837-8744 (02) 556-770


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