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Soogba: The Best Inasal in Manila

Soogba: The Best Inasal in Manila

A Declarative Statement: Soogba whips out the BEST Chicken Inasal in Metro Manila.

Two Best Places to Celebrate an Authentic Octoberfest in Manila

Two Best Places to Celebrate an Authentic Octoberfest in Manila

Have you ever experience an authentic Octoberfest celebration? No, we’re not talking about just drinking flimsy local beers at the back of a shopping mall. I reckon back in the 90’s and early 2000’s when a local beer brand leverage on this kind of celebration.

But see, consumers now are more discerning more than ever. Having so much noise and clutter presented to us we seek authenticity in brands, service, and products being offered to us. Do we want to get our money’s worth right? Most definitely! We worked hard for it and we expect anything less than the best.  So when we now say Octoberfest we’d want it to be celebrated in the most Bavarian way!


Fat Girls Day Out- Octoberfest


Us, the Fat Girls Day Out crew are recommending these two (2) places where you can celebrate this year’s Octoberfest and have solid and fun experience.


Venue 1: Solaire Resort & Casino (with The German Club Manila as a Host)

As the German Club Manila’s Oktoberfest is the longest-running and largest Oktoberfest celebration in the Philippines you can expect to experience the most genuine Oktoberfest in the Philippines as the German Club Manila celebrates its 80th Oktoberfest in partnership with Solaire Resort & Casino.

Imagine a big tent will be set up to an expansive Biergarten for the most authentic beer festival in the country. Indulge in a nonstop Bavarian feast, unlimited flow Weihenstephaner Beer, German traditions, and exciting raffle prizes await you.

Why Go?

The Guaranteed Solaire Experience

Solaire Resort & Casino known to execute beyond 5 starts in all aspect of their verticals and most especially on their food and beverage roster. Batian Breuer, VP for Food & Beverage commits to making this year’s Octoberfest the most authentic- The beers, the food, and the entertainment. It’ll truly put the spotlight on the best of German culture.


Yes, there will be free-flowing beer. But not just any beer.

Over 25,000 liters of wheat beer and Oktoberfest beer from Weihenstephaner, the world’s oldest brewery, will be served during the event.

The three-day event will happen on October 4 – 6, 2018 (Thursday-Saturday) from 6 pm to 2 am and will be held at the 2,400 sqm Solaire Oktoberfest Tent. Entrance to the Tent is located at The Gallery, ground floor of The Shoppes.

  • TicketWorld – ticketworld.com.ph Tickets from TicketWorld will be exchanged at the entrance for German Club tickets.
  • German Club – Guests can buy tickets in their office located at 5F Penthouse, Eurovilla II Bldg., 118 V.A Rufino St., Legazpi Village, Makati City. You may reach them thru reservations@germanclub.ph or 818-4236.
  • Solaire guests and Solaire Rewards members can also get tickets at Solaire Box Office/TicketWorld counter, which is open from 12noon to 9 pm daily.
  • Tickets will also be available during the event.
***Only 18 years old and above are allowed inside the Oktoberfest Tent.

Read complete write up here

Venue 2:  BROTZEIT: Experience the 2018- OKTOBERFEST THE BROTZEIT WAY!

Brotzeit already kicked the Oktoberfest celebration with a ceremonial Keg Tapping at their Shangri-La Plaza flagship branch last September 15, 2018. The tapping is accompanied by shouts of “O’zapft is“, which means this has been tapped and the official kicked off has launched.

Why Go?

Brotzeit has been hosting 5 years of memorable Octoberfest shindigs and based on our friend’s stories it had been anything but epic. Their kitchen working overtime to prepare not just a fantastic Bavarian spread, but with their outmost commitment to authenticity.


Shangri-La Plaza

  • SEP 29: Oktoberfest Celebration featuring KO Jones Band, DJ Allan Corpus, and Aussie DJ Brock Donald, hosted by Tina Ryan.

All Branches (BGC and Shangri-La)

  • All Fridays of September and October: Beer-centric games and challenges
  • SEP 15 onwards: Dine & Spin to win premium sponsored items!


BROTZEIT Exclusive Menu Roster. Served from September 15 to October 31, 2018, in all Brotzeit branches

Read complete write up here


If you want authenticity do not go elsewhere but to these two (2) places. Best German beers and roster of Bavarian food.  These two (2) venues are supported by the German Club Manila so to make sure that whatever F&B roster are calibrated and at par to standards.

Oktoberfest is a period of conviviality, and the perfect time to get together with friends, colleagues, and families. You are definitely encouraged to indulge.


Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Fieldtrip, yes?

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BROTZEIT WAY of Celebrating Octoberfest 2018! Solid German beer lagers and a curated limited menu roster. A Fat Girls Day Out Dining Experience Guide.

Islas Pinas: More Than Just Another Food Hall

Islas Pinas: More Than Just Another Food Hall

The result of the collaboration between DoubleDragon group and chef Margarita Forés, Islas Pinas is a project that aims to spark an unrequited love for the Philippines and to cultivate patriotism by through diaorama heritage display and Filipino cuisine. 

Chaplin: Wants you to take your time while you savor every dish.

Chaplin: Wants you to take your time while you savor every dish.

When Yuval and Norfar Mann moved to the Philippines from Israel about eight years ago, Norfar struggled to find restaurants that cater to vegetarians like her and most of the times vegetarian dishes that were being served to her wasn’t really 100% vegetarian at all. On February 2016, the couple opened Chaplin at Century City Mall in Makati. Chaplin serves authentic Israeli cuisine, pastries, fine coffee and curated cocktails.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Just on the 4th floor of Century City Mall, Chaplin is a great quick refuge from the bustling chaos of Kalayaan Ave and Poblacion. Its standalone restaurant has a breezy and nice Al Fresco set up and a minimalist interior fixture from the inside so customers won’t divert focus away from the food.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

The Fat Girls Day Out crew immediately had an impression that once we sat down we would definitely stay for hours. Glass walls, plush couches, and the soft indoor lights all contribute to the laidback ambiance.

Chaplin takes its cue from no less than the Charlie Chaplin. The owners are fans of the legendary comedian.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

The Essence of Israeli Cuisine

Israelis have developed and continue to enjoy a delicious cuisine rooted in the uniqueness of Israeli society itself. Israeli cuisine demonstrates the true melting pot that is Israel. Coming over from over 80 countries, Jews have returned to their motherland, bringing with them the food ideologies and recipes they developed during their journeys. Such culinary traditions and methods span 3,000 years of history. Imagine that. Of course over the years these cooking traditions have been shaped over time form Africa, Europe, and even Asia.

Basically, all cuisines are an interplay of many forces- from history, sociology, and agricultural. Israeli is the best example of that. Coming from many confluences “Israeli” originated from the wider spectrum of Middle Eastern cuisine. Popular outtakes are their Falafel (deep-fried chickpea balls served in pita bread), Israeli Salad which consists of cucumbers, tomatoes that are chopped distinctively into small pieces. Eastern European influence is also integral to their cuisine, with the use of sour cream. Expect heavy use of olives and olive oil, wheat, chickpeas, and fresh yogurts.

Food Experience

We like starting off with a nice aperitif. We ordered their house-recommended house Mojito.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Tel Aviv Mojito (375PHP)

Thick sweet cream layer with lemon zest on top which complements the drink below

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Fry platter

A sampler platter of cheese sticks, samosas, and falafel. Try it with their 3 sauces (roasted bell pepper, yogurt, pesto)

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin


Tons of fresh greens, juicy tomatoes, crispy red onions, toasted pita bread, crunchy cucumbers, a zesty lemon dressing.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Hummus (475php)

Pureed chickpeas mixed with tahini, lemon, olive oil, salt, and garlic. This particular dish was quite overwhelming with the generous serving size and different texture. they added some crushed green chilies, cilantro, and whole chickpeas to the top that just changed the experience. Add this to the kebab, to the pita, or to any dish they serve.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin


Roasted eggplants, tahini, garlic and lemon topped with almonds and parsley.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin


The combination of bulgur mixed with lots of fresh mint and parsley is sensational. A bit of olive oil and lemon juice finish it off beautifully. They mixed in some dried cranberry and added some sweetness to give the dish a more balanced taste.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Fried Cauliflower

Deep fried Cauliflower with a tinge of sweet soy based sauce, parsley, and chili. This is not a dish we usually order in Mediterranean restaurants but this is wildly addicting.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Beef Boureka

Baked filo pastry with amba eith, ground beef, lamb fat, spinach, herbs, and pine nuts.
Bourekas are nothing short of edible perfection — heavenly little parcels of dough crisped with hot oil or melted butter and stuffed with any number of delicious savory ingredients.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Chicken Thigh Kebab

Served with grilled vegetables, long grain rice, and side of pita bread.

Fat Girls Day Out- Chaplin

Traditional Turkish Coffee with Baklava.

Strong dark coffee with notes of cardamom and cinnamon served in a traditional Turkish coffee pot. Pair it with the crispy, nutty, and creamy baklava. These two elements together create balance for your dessert.

Why Dine at Chaplin?

Makati is an active city with full of ADHD individuals making you want to randomly move for some reason. It’s hard to find time to just sit back, relax, and enjoy a solid meal with friends or family. The food that we sampled was excellent and comforting. Israeli food has a lot of similarities in terms of character to Asian-style dining. Their food is served in big portion sizes that is meant to be shared family-style.

Israeli cuisine is a well worth dining experience worth sharing with our loved ones.

Chaplin Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

  • Location: 4/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. Makati
  • Operating Hours: 8am-11pm
  • Spend Ratio: 1,400php for 2 pax
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

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MANGO TREE, BGC: A Modish Fine Dining Thai Restaurant

MANGO TREE, BGC: A Modish Fine Dining Thai Restaurant

A fusion of delightful dishes makes a restaurant stand out from the rest. Maintaining a good portfolio of food for the past years makes you more credible on your craft.

Gloria Maris (Alabang): Grandeur, Modernity and Consistency.

Gloria Maris (Alabang): Grandeur, Modernity and Consistency.

Gloria Maris is consistent, impressive, and grand. Whether you go for dim sum or hot pot, or a graceful lauriat. I like their elegance but still has this approachable ambiance. Solid facilities that are conducive to family celebrations, knowledgeable staff, and of course their wonderful dishes.



Standing steadily within the walls of Little Tokyo Makati is Izakaya Kikufuji. Old worn out paint, clunky doorknob, angsty wait staff, and oh so bad parking space. Bianca and I have been eating at this Izakaya for more than 4 years now nothing ever changes (both in its good and bad character). We can stomach those variables just to get our fresh sashimi fix and authentic Japanese style dining.


Fat Girls Day Out- Kikufuji



Fat Girls Day Out Recommends

Should you be a Kikufuji first-timer we recommend that you at least get these fire starters on your table

  1. Spicy Maguro (tuna) Sashimi (295php)– Chunks. Yes, generous CHUNKS of maguro gloriously ready to be devoured.
  2. Special California Maki (450php)– 8 large California maki rolls topped with huge chunks spicy tuna, slabs of mango, and salmon roe.
  3. 5 Kinds Sashimi (550php)- Fresh thick slides of maguro (tuna), shake (salmon), saba (mackerel), uni (sea urchin), and ika (squid). You may opt to interchange quantity replacements based on preference. For us, we always go for salmon, tuna, uni, and unagi!
  4. Kushi Yaki Sticks: Prices may vary.
  5. Grilled Gindara

Visual Snippets of Food


Fat Girls Day Out- Kikufuji


Fat Girls Day Out- Kikufuji

Fat Girls Day Out- Kikufuji



Kikufuji Hacks

Best time to go during lunch as their lunch deals get pretty sweet. 

  • The 10% service charge is waived off
  • Cheaper menu combinations compared to the “a la carte” serving
  • Free one Gohan/rice refill for lunch set items
  • Free appetizers and soup: The spicy maguro sashimi!
  • Free fruit or UCC iced coffee mix after every meal.

Off the Menu Items

  1. Spicy Soft Shell Crab
  2. Special California Maki: Opt to change the standard spicy tuna to spicy salmon instead.
  3. Lunch special: Exchange spicy tuna to spicy salmon.
  4. Youcan get the spicy tuna on top of the special Cali maki changed to spicy salmon.


  • Park in Makati Cinema Square’s basement area.
  • They have a valet service. Look for the ‘guy’ who usually
  • usually hangs out near the tree or in front of the ramen resto beside Kikufuji.

The Secret Beer Stub

  • For every 500php spent you can ask for a free beer stub which you may use on your next visit. Also, never throw away expired beer stubs. They still accept those, but you it’ll cost you two (2) stubs for 1 mug of beer.

The Wait Game

  • Call in advance or come 30-60 mins earlier than your intended time to eat and get a number.

Our Overall Take

Izakaya Kikufuji really does serve authentic Japanese food. We cannot say that it is affordable- affordability is based on one’s concept of purchasing power of affordability. We believe the perfect term would be- GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. Their price point is of great value to what they’ve been exchanging in return. Generous serving and quality of ingredients is their main key to success. A straightforward Izakaya who doesn’t play too much with their food.

As Little Tokyo Makati housed the gems of Japanese cuisine in Manila serving premium quality sashimi, sushi, and grilled food on a daily, this place is where the people come to eat the best of the best. It definitely does not get much fresher and great value for your hard-earned money than Izakaya Kikufuji


Our CX Rating:


Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com


Izakaya Kikufuji Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Izakaya Kikufuji

  • Address: Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City
  • Contact #:  +632 893 6131
  • Operating Hours
    • 11am-2:00pm  (lunch)
    • 5:30 pm- 11pm (dinner)
  • Average Spend
    • Lunch Time: 800php-1,00php (2-3 pax)
    • Dinner Time: 1,00ophp-1,500php (2-3 pax)



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The Tasting Room: Impeccable Gastronomic Experience

The Tasting Room: Impeccable Gastronomic Experience

Get re-acquainted with your love for French cuisine in the most refined yet modern way at the ground floor of NÜWA, The Tasting Room’s new home in Manila, which shares the same name as Chef Guillaume Galliot’s Michelin-starred restaurant at the City of Dreams Macau.


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