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Black Sheep Coffee (Manila): Good Coffee, Popcorn, and a few Negronis

Black Sheep Coffee (Manila): Good Coffee, Popcorn, and a few Negronis

Black Sheep Coffee at the S’ Maison is one badass coffee nook and this place would top our most frequented coffee shop. Find out why. #FatGirlsDayOut

Writer’s Bar at the Raffles Makati: How About Some Mid-Afternoon Champagne?

Writer’s Bar at the Raffles Makati: How About Some Mid-Afternoon Champagne?

A charming tradition awaits afternoon tea aficionados as Writers Bar offers a Champagne Afternoon Tea with luxury brand Veuve Clicquot from April 23 to June 30, 2019 at Raffles Makati.

Earth Kitchen (White Plains): Conscious Dining

Earth Kitchen (White Plains): Conscious Dining

Earth Kitchen is probably the only farm-to-table restaurant concept in Metro Manila that we always go to for the past 3 years or so. We’ve been in hiatus from eating healthier alternatives last 2018 and Bianca and I finally made ourselves accountable with the food that we consume since we’re not getting any younger (so to speak).  Let us tell you why we kept coming back to this restaurant in Quezon City and why its worth the drive from Alabang.

Sourcing of Produce 

They are getting their produce from the Got Heart Foundation by Melissa Yeung, in partnership with Hizon’s Catering by Chef David Hizon and Chef JR Trani. The restaurant serves healthier and relatively tastier comfort food, with ingredients coming from Got Heart Farms in Tarlac and marginalized communities from Luzon to Mindanao.

The Got Heart Foundation

They work with several farming communities to advocate organic farming. It’s proven to be the better choice for both the producers (fewer inputs, more produce) and consumers can make healthier options.

Got Heart envisions of creating – Sustainable, Holistic, Independent, and Dignified – communities. Got Heart Foundation, Inc. is a non-stock, non-profit organization.

Get to know them more here.


FGDO Staples

Vegetables are the definite must-tries: here, you get to appreciate vegetables for their freshness and not because their flavors were manipulated to taste like something else. Here are a few of our staple orders;


fat girls day out- earth kitchen

Shrimp Spring Rolls (Regular – P310)

Shrimp, organic/naturally-produced herbs, greens and peanuts, lime hoisin sauce.


FGDO Take: One of their best selling appetizers, but we find it too acidic and the zest needs to be toned down. Nevertheless, it is still a good dish for starters.



fat girls day out- earth kitchen

Shrimp Tostada (2 pcs– P220)

Warm soft tortillas topped with fresh Asian slaw, avocado and poached shrimp drizzled with their signature chimichurri and hot sauce.

FGDO Take: The contrasting textures of the tostada is addicting, the creamy avocado and the acidity and texture of the slaw with the fresh shrimp.


Beef Meatball Pasta (P330)

House ground beef, bacon, fresh tomato sauce, cheese, and herbs.

FGDO Take: The meatballs are firm and tasty with each bite, the mix of bacon and beef gives it an umami flavor that is compensated by the tomato sauce


fat girls day out- earth kitchen

Watermelon and Rocket Salad (P310)

Organic arugula, edible flowers, pili nuts, home-made kesong puti, and balsamic vinaigrette.

FGDO Take: Bianca always orders this salad, because it is refreshing and the layering of different textures are pleasant to the palate. The dressing had this perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, while the pili added a spike of sweetness that created variation to its overall taste.


fat girls day out- earth kitchen

Pitcher of Fresh Dalandan Juice (P260)

Why Go?

Earth Kitchen serves healthy dishes that are packed with flavors and familiar local elements. Their price range is relatively competitive and does give you value for you are paying for. Moreover, we support establishments that know and execute their purpose to the community well. Earth Kitchen is a restaurant dedicated to supporting local farmers and indigenous communities around the Philippines. Each of their dishes is specifically crafted to showcase the produce of our partner communities from Luzon to Mindanao.

We get it: Keeping New Year’s resolutions can be tough. The torture of choosing so-called “healthier options” over that 2 pcs of Jollibee Chicken Joy and other snackable cheap eats is a downright pain to the soul. We’re glad to have found this lovely restaurant to provide plates that are relatively healthy, sustainable, and flavorful punches with every bite. Let’s chow down on better-for-you meals!


Our CX Rating

Earth Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



  • Address: Lot 10 B-10 Katipunan Ave. Ext., White Plains, Quezon City, Metro Manila, PH
  • Contact Number: +(63)917 584 3278
  •  e-mail
  • website



Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

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Holy Week 2019: Where to EAT, Where to GO, and What to DO!

Holy Week 2019: Where to EAT, Where to GO, and What to DO!

Let the Fat Girls Day Out show you Where to EAT, Where to GO and What to DO this Holy Week 2019.

Corregidor Island: Beyond its Stories

Corregidor Island: Beyond its Stories

Come away with us and  Sun Cruises Inc. as we take you along The Corregidor Island during our Day Out! 

Exploring  Batangas One Road Trip at a Time

Exploring Batangas One Road Trip at a Time

We spent hours in front of our computers and everything is on repeat, everyone is in a hurry to get things to be done, to go from point A to point B, and experience the same mundane things. We’re in the loop for the next 4-5 days.  The crowded city life makes us numb and mindless most of the time, but it is our own way of coping up with our current environment. We’re supposed to stop feeling and engaging to get through our chaotic day. We often think of escaping, daydreaming that we’d rather be spending one lazy afternoon disconnected and just staring at the sea. We daydream of tranquility and serenity. Batangas is the perfect getaway from all the busy, chaotic, and bipolar Metro Manila. It is just a 2 1/2- 3 hours drive from the city. Far enough for that much-needed quick retreat yet close enough to return back home.

Following up on our road trip down south we are now leaving Elbi and setting our GPS maps to head to Batangas.  Just a mere 2-3 hours drive from Manila. A pretty popular destination in the Calabarzon region and is bordered by provinces of Cavite, Laguna, and Quezon.

Let us share with you our favorite Batangas destinations with this feature as we show you Where to EAT, Where to GO, and What to DO in these three (3) less popular destinations in Batangas. Let’s wander in Lobo, Taal, and in Bauan.


fat girls day out- Batangas


Note: This content is created around the premise of using one’s vehicle to drive around Batangas in the span of 48 hours.



Batangas is easily accessible from Manila via the South Luzon Expressway. Depending on where you’re going, you may need to drive for two to four hours.

Optional Logistics 

You can also take a public bus to the different areas of Batangas. A bus trip may take longer than a car ride though since buses usually make several stops before arriving at their destination. From the bus terminals in Alabang Starmall, Cubao, and Pasay City.


fat girls day out- batangas


The seascape here is bountiful of corals and marine life, especially in Brgy. Sawang, making it a superb spot for snorkeling and diving. For this guide, we’ll take you to Malabrigo as this is where you’d be able to see an 18th-century lighthouse and clean azure beaches.



In 2006, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines designated the site as a National Historic Landmark along with the installment of two tablet markers. It reads;


fat girls day out- Batangas

The municipal of Lobo also signed an agreement to adopt the lighthouse in 2014. Faro de Punta Malabrigo was renovated and repainted becoming the best-preserved lighthouse in the country.


fat girls day out- batangas


Walk for just about 10 meters northeastern side of the lighthouse and discover spot take in the beautiful sight in vantage point.


Our little Private Cliff



A stunning view from above. Pause for 10-15 minutes and just take in that view. We guarantee you it’ll be worthwhile.


fat girls day out- batangas


Spend Lazy Afternoons on the beach

We wandered off without any reservations to the nearby beach resort to scout out where we could stay for the night. We asked a few ones along the way and Floredeliz Beach Resort is just about what we’re looking for. A decent space, clean facilities, good beachfront, well-organized cooking area, and the price point is very reasonable.

Contact details: 0917 892 2291 / 0922 839 2013


fat girls day out- batangas



We went to the local market and bought fresh produce. We spent roughly around 600php to set up a Boodle Feast food for 4-6 pax.


fat girls day out - batangas


fat girls day out
Cold and frosty local beers are the perfect companion while lounging


fat girls day out- batangas

Witness  a Spectacular Sunset


fat girls day out- batangas


We waited for the sun to set and Lobo did not disappoint us. The towering mountains perfectly frame the setting sun. Wait for a few more minutes and witness the change of hues in the sky.


Other accommodation options and re-direct booking HERE.

fat girls day out- batangas


Top of mind recall would always be Anilao for diving and snorkeling. Unknown to most Bauan is also superior for diving with rich abundant marine life.

Scuba Dive

SCUBA diving is known as a thoroughly enjoyable and sometimes adrenaline boosting sport, however, most do not know that SCUBA diving has many health benefits. Especially for your mental health. Most consider diving as a way of meditation. When underwater all you hear is your own breathing, the sound of your heart and the tranquility of your surroundings.


Initial on-boarding and safety procedures will be cascaded before anything else. Safety is the primary priority.


World-class diving and snorkeling experiences are right in our front yard – there’s no need to travel elsewhere in Anilao or in El Nido perhaps. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned diver, or even a casual snorkeler.

Accommodation Options

Proper bedding and memory foam pillows to make sure that you get that much-deserved rest after a good dive or swim.


Fat Girls Day Out- Bauan


What’s important after a dive sesh is a  good solid sleep. Check out their comfortable rooms here BusStop DiveResort rates starts at 2,200php/ 43USD per person including full board meals and boat transfers. Minimum of 3 pax to reserve a room.


fat girls day out- batangas

After all those water activities we decided to go to our last stop before heading back to Manila for our culminating activity.

The former capital of Batangas which was forced to be moved from San Nicolas to a safer elevated location, away from the Taal Volcano after the town had gone through a 200-day 1,754 eruptions back in 1755. Coined as the biggest eruption of the Taal volcano in recorded history.


fat girls day out


At the center of this beautiful town stands the commanding  Basilica de San Martin which is referred to as the biggest church in the Orient.

Surrounding the church are different landmarks that make up the town of Taal.


fat girls day out- batangas


fat girls day out - batangas
Hall of the Municipal Government of Taal


Antiquated houses, narrow streets, and friendly faces peering out of large windows, a place where time stalls. It is advisable to park and just wander and walk around. Make sure to bring an umbrella or hat as it could get pretty hot during mid-afternoon.


Taal has maintained its authenticity in its grid historic urban layout and use of open spaces. Local conduct commerce at the lower floors and uses the upper levels as their residences. The consciousness need to preserve authenticity has significantly being carried over from one generation to another.




fat girls day out- batangas
Tampuhan Café along Calle Marcela Agoncillo


This cozy café doubles as an art gallery where you can marvel at the quirky designs. Have some coffee or merienda as you take a break from your touring. They also have a Bed & Breakfast! You can check their rates and book here.


fat girls day out- batangas


Restaurants to check out

  • Feliza Cafe y Taverna (6 F. Agoncillo)
  • B&V Lomi (beside the municipal hall)
  • Original Empanada and Merienda  (Taal Public Market, Barangay Zone)

Quintessentially local food to try

  • Tapang Taal
  • Adobo sa Dilao
  • Taal Suman

For lots of shopping, visit at the end of April, when they hold the town’s Foundation Day celebrations, also called El Pasubat Festival, because of the food and things Taal is known for: empanadalongganisapanutsasumanbalisongbarong Tagalog, tapatamalestawilis, and tulingan.

Accommodation Options 

It is a nice town to spend the night check out these places and book by clicking the live link to get the best prices

 to the Batangas Lomi

You cannot go through the towns in Batangas without ever seeing stalls of their famous delicacy, the Lomi. A thick starchy soup made mainly in stock, onion, garlic, egg noodles, fresh eggs, spices, cornstarch, and then topped with loads of meat, liver,  and chicharon.


fat girls day out- batangas


A good bowl of Batangas lomi should have nice bouncy noodles and strong inherint beef flavours.  So before heading back to the city make sure to go for a bowl of this warm noodle soup.

Weekend Wanderers

The province of Batangas ticks off all the items on a weekend warrior’s list of travel destinations. Chase sunsets, go beach bumming, or go for a solid food crawl, this province has something for everyone. We have the perfect summer mixtape for you on Spotify!



We have more travel stories both for local and international destinations so make sure to check out our WHERE to GO section. As we always say, go forth and wander and when you return to become a storyteller.


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Kureji: Ramen Re-Imagined

Kureji: Ramen Re-Imagined

Kureji [クレージー].: “The Home of the Sizzling Ramen”- by which the Fat Girls Day Out crew hasn’t seen anywhere else. Learn about our dining experience.

Elbi Food Chronicles: A Los Banos Weekend Wanderer Guide

Elbi Food Chronicles: A Los Banos Weekend Wanderer Guide

Los Banos Laguna food crawl weekend wandering activity! A Fat Girls Day Out Curated List 2019.

Soogba: The Best Inasal in Manila

Soogba: The Best Inasal in Manila

Chicken is one of the most common ingredients in any household, it’s affordable, it’s accessible and It’s easy to prepare. All over the Philippines, there are a number of ways to prepare it, either stewed, fried or grilled. For us, grilled is definitely the way to go and while sweet Pinoy chicken bbq is great, we just have a preference to Inasal.

What is Chicken Inasal? 

Chicken Inasal is an Illongo dish. They first marinate in vinegar, calamansi, onion powder, ginger, brown sugar. Then it is basted in annatto oil. Once grilled it’s paired with a soy sauce, calamansi, vinegar and chili sauce on the side. You can also choose to add chicken oil. Chicken oil is an orange colored liquid that instantly adds an umami flavor to the chicken.


fat girls day out -Soogba


While they are many different chicken Inasal restaurants all over Metro Manila. We’ve found that the best one is Soogba. Yes, for the all the Insal aficionados we will definitely vouch that this is THE BEST yet we’ve had so far in Manila.

A newcomer into the scene, Soogba first opened in Don Antonio Heights in February 2018 in the North Food Hive. While I’m absolutely not a fan of food parks, I made my way here just to try their chicken.

On this encounter, I met the owner and a passionate home cook Carlo Tanalgo, born and raised in Bacolod. Upon trying out the kind of Inasal Manila had to offer, he formulated his own recipe on what a good chicken Inasalis. Aside from creating his own marinade, he has also developed a way of grilling the chicken that elevates Soogba’s Inasal.

His passion is to share with us what actual Inasal is like in Bacolod.

FGDO Top Picks



Petcho with rice

Once delivered to your table the strong scent of chargrilled chicken enters your nostrils. The serving is huge and generous you might want to get the 3 rice option. Another staple I usually pair with Inasal is the soy-calamansi-vinegar-chili sauce but in this case, there really is no need. It’s one of the very few times where I say NO SAUCE PLEASE. Each bite of Soogba’s chicken Inasal is smokey, deep in flavors, and downright delicious. In Tagalog, “nakakagana“. Paired perfectly with their fried rice.



While not usually my favorite part of the chicken, Soogba’s Isol (chicken ass)  is just juicy and tender. The fat content burst with flavor in each bite.


fat girls day out Soogba

Hamonado Chorizo

To balance the meal, we also had their hamonado chorizo, serving size is huge and can definitely be shared. Cooked well its great paired with their spiced vinegar.


fat girls day out Soogba


While we were not able to try the entire menu, we will definitely be back to try their Kansi and K.B.L.

Why go?

Soogba brings to the Manila scene what a good chicken Inasal should be like. Down to earth and unpretentious, they serve you with the best Chicken Inasal. The price point is also affordable and is definitely value for your money.

We believe places like these deserve your full attention because, at the end of the day, Taste is always KING.

for our CX Rating

Disclaimer: Photos taken from Soogba Facebook page

So-ogba Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Batasan Branch

    Address: North Hive Food Park
    Operation Hours: 4pm -12mn

Parañaque Branch

  • Address: 2nd Flr. YP Building Dr.A Santos Ave. Surat, Parañaque
  • Operation Hours: 11am – 12mn

Timog Branch

  • Address: 8 Seas Food Adventure. 122 Timog Ave. Brgy. Sacred Heart Quezon City
  • Operation Hours: 10am – 12mn


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BODEGA CASA VILLA: A Warm and Inviting Home

BODEGA CASA VILLA: A Warm and Inviting Home

The Marikina neighborhood still has that laid-back relax vibe and open street character and I’m happy that it stayed that way, despite its popularity. Bodega CASA Villa is a great addition to this area’s battle card of restaurants.