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Solaire Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with Special Homemade Mooncakes

Solaire Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with Special Homemade Mooncakes

Solaire Resort & Casino celebrates the autumn equinox and the fullness of the moon with an assortment of Homemade Mooncake

Cubao City: The Obscure, The Cool, and its Hidden Subculture

Cubao City: The Obscure, The Cool, and its Hidden Subculture

Where to EAT, Where to GO, and What to DO when in CUBAO City. Featuring the obscure, the cool, and its hidden subculture. A Fat Girls Day Out Guide.

Bistro Manuel: Brining Continental Finesse to Gritty Poblacion

Bistro Manuel: Brining Continental Finesse to Gritty Poblacion

Patrons of fine gourmet back in the day when Manila had not many choices would remember Lolo Dad’s, an ancestral house in Leon Guinto turned into a restaurant where the discerning food patron would always frequent to get his or her fix of the famous duck confit plates. The restaurant had to move forward with time and it closed down a few years ago. Well, the hipster Poblacion kid welcomed Chef Ariel Manuel to its funky neighbourhood with three-concept punch restaurants. There is a proper tapas bar that serves Filipino-Spanish small plates called the Taperia, then of course Bistro Manuel and for the post-dinner game drinks– The Sippery.


It is actually our first time to try Chef Ariel’s food, but our snooty Titas in our family fondly shared their Lolo Dad’s wonderful dining experience back in the day.

As we traverse the weeknight traffic going towards Makati, Bianca and I were exchanging notes as to which dishes should be on our list to try.


That night that we arrived at Bistro Manuel, we saw Chef Manuel in their open kitchen doing what he does best- making sure that every plate that comes out is to the tipping point of perfection. When introductions were made, he casually discussed each dish that was coming out one by one, there wasn’t any bit of tenure arrogance , nor eh was anyone that we expected- as starry eyed as we were  because of all the dedicated past culinary feature articles that we read about him — The Ariel Manuel’s stature in the industry. All our inhibitions were proven wrong! He was kind, warm, and ever so wise!


Our Orders

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Shrimp Bisque

Lightly poached shrimps are sweet that is swimming in a light seafood bisque.


fat girls day out- bistro manila

Double Espresso Soup 

Combination of Tomato and Mushroom cream-based soups. Creamy with concentrated flavors of tomato and mushroom served in witty separate espresso cups.


Fat Girls Day Out- Bistro Manuel



Angel hair pasta, foie gras, oysters, and cheese 

On the menu were Lolo Dad’s oysters, which were a favorite back in the day,  so we immediately ordered added them to our “Must Try” roster. The oysters were baked on angel hair pasta with cheese and topped with foie gras.


Fat Girls Day Out- Bistro Manuel


Duck Leg Confit (Crispy duck leg with Mediterranean duck foie gras rice)

Chef Ariel’s crispy duck game is strong on this plate.


fat girls day out- Bistro Manuel


Home Fish Platter (Smoke salmon, salmon gravlax, condiments)


Fat Girls Day Out- Bistro Manuel




Lamb and Lamb with Lamb ( roast lamb rump, stewed lamb breast, and fried lamb sweetbread with sieved potatoes)

A gumbo of components found may be found on this dish, but you know once you have your fill it satisfies in that way only a good protein dish can.


fat girls day out- bistro manuel


Tiramisu Souffle

Perfect in technique execution souffle with a crumbled cake on the side.


fat girls day out- Bistro Manuel


Declension of Mango and Mascarpone Cheese  (Vanilla frozen cream and Dulce de Leche sauce)

This Napoleones dessert with vanilla frozen cream, mascarpone cheese, and dulce de leche.


Fat Girls Day Out- Bistro Manuel



Why Go?

Looking around the room we see patrons enjoying their time feeling excited and nostalgic with each bite of their meal.  Then again, don’t come here just to reminisce about the past. Although the pillar that is Lolo Dad’s was able to set the fabric of expectation for Bistro Manuel, this restaurant is the perfect rebirth and it comes in three; Taperia, The Sippery, and Bistro Manuel.

Should you find yourself craving for proper European cooking, look for that non-descript building along the side streets of Burgos and seek out Chef Manuel’s cozy nook.


Bistro Manuel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Bistro Manuel, Taperia, and The Sippery are all at 2/F Six Axis Center, 4347 B. Valdez Street, Poblacion, Makati City.


Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Fieldtrip, yes?

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Tokyo Famous Kokoro Mazesoba: A Refreshing Detour From The Usual

Tokyo Famous Kokoro Mazesoba: A Refreshing Detour From The Usual

A first look at Menya Kokoro Mazesoba in Manila. A Fat Girls Day Out dining experience story.

Get Reacquainted in Manila: Our Top 5 Must Visit Places

Get Reacquainted in Manila: Our Top 5 Must Visit Places

Come away with us we show you WHERE TO GO in Manila! A Fat Girls Day Out Guide together with AirAsia

Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl: A one of a kind curated crawl

Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl: A one of a kind curated crawl

It was known for years as a red-light district, Poblacion is trading its spunky reputation for seediness and skewing itself to be a place where cool is redefined. Heavily wheeled by white-collar Filipinos and expats, they infiltrate the mushrooming dining and drinking scene. Burgos is humid, has sketchy roads, one to none parking space yet its community kept on growing progressively. The Poblacion dining scene is its backdoor hipster counterpart offering an unparalleled haven for those seeking to peek into another world. We are teaming up with Auro Chocolate, an international award-winning, proudly Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate company that sustainably sources cacao beans from local farmers- to reintroduce the best of local chocolate not as a dessert, but as an innovative focal ingredient infused in savory dishes and craft drinks!


Experience chocolate like never before! Find out WHY you need to experience the Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl (Poblacion series)


Fat Girls Day Out


DISH 1: Khao Khai

We start off the tour at Khao Kai, where you will be given a whole new Thai food experience. Don’t expect your typical Pad Thais, Isan regional cooking comes strongly into play, which is considered is the culinary motherland of Thailand.


fat girls day out- auro


Khao Khai’s 77% Dark chocolate bagoong dip with fresh cut green mangoes for your starter. The balance of sweet, salty, and savory is sure to kick off your tastebuds. Pair this with their rum-based drink the Chocolate rimmed Bangkok fire using 64% Dark Chocolate. The best way to enjoy all the flavors would be to get some chocolate off the rim with each sip. It’s refreshing, subtly spicy, and sweet all in one go. Enjoy the first toast of the night, and say “Chon Gaew”!


Vegetarian option:
Green Mango with Vegan Chocolate Bagoong


DISH 2: Lampara


For our next stop, we’ll be embarking on a Neo-Filipino food journey with Lamparawhere different cultural confluences comes into play with every plate of dish that they create.


fat girls day out- auro


Lampara’s Slow cooked Pork Belly is prepared sous vide for over 14 hours and topped with Cacao nibs. Each bite is extremely tender and has that burst in flavor that contrasts perfectly with the cacao nibs. It’s an excellent play on soft and hard. Paired with the Chocolate infused Jim Bean Negroni.


fat girls day out- auro


Enjoy it by taking a piece of the pork and sip of the Negroni, the Negroni cleanser your palate from the rich pork belly.

Vegetarian option:
Surpresa –  Bean sprouts, tofu, and roasted peanuts and cocoa nibs with chocolate sauce encased in a ball


DISH 3:  Polilya


Next up is Polilya,  a Don Pedro Street “must-go. Polilya’s Deep fried Hainanese Chicken topped with mole infused with 77% Dark Chocolate, kesong puti, and cilantro.


fat girls day out- auro


The different elements of the dish complement each other in one satisfying bite. This is paired with a 32% White Chocolate Margarita Shots.


fat girls day out- auro

Vegetarian option: 

Mole with Vegetable Fritters


DISH 4: Alamat


We’ll heighten up your crawl experience by visiting Alamat Filipino Pub and Deli, where you can find locally crafted beers, native charcuterie, reinvented pulutan, and exotic comfort meals by Chef Niño Laus. Alamat will be serving Tiyula sa Itum braised rib finger in burnt coconut and Auro tablea, ensaladang Adlai at talong and auro cacao nibs paired with Auro Plata, Gin, White Rum, Pandan, Cacao Liquor and chocolate sauce.


Vegetarian option:
Pinais” – Rice crisp, Pinakbet Salsa tossed in Auro Dark Chocolate Vinagrette, Laing



DISH 5: Pedro Tap House


Right towards the end of the tour, enjoy chocolate infused craft beers at Pedro Tap House– a place where the beer is fresh from the tap since the beginning of the brewery.


fat girls day out


End the night with the Auro Chocolate Chili Cheese Dog using 55% Dark Chocolate from Pedro Tap House. The soft buttery brioche buns are toasted and encase the cheese sausages, topped with Chocolate Chili, and finished of with melted cheddar cheese. This is paired with an Auro Midnight Stout, Pedro Brewcrafters Space Out Coffee Stout is poured into a glass with a splash of Bourbon, then topped with a mixture of whipped cream and melted 55% Dark Chocolate from Auro gently folded in. This drink is designed so you get all the chocolate aroma while enjoying a sweet, boozy kick from the bourbon and stout. Take a sip in between bites of the Chocolate Chili Dog for a great pairing experience.


Vegetarian option:
Red bean chocolate chili stout shepherd’s pie


Package Inclusion:

  1. Tote Bag
  2. Bamboo Straw 
  3. Funky Filipino Lanyard by PIOPIO
  4. The Map of Poblacion!  (of Poblacion! Not your ordinary map! After the crawl, you get 10% OFF on all our other partner bars till 12 am.)
  5. Auro Chocolate Bars


Additional information:

  • Perfect for all age groups.
  • Vegetarian and non-alcohic options
  • Open for private bookings
  • This tour is not accessible to wheelchairs
  • We will operate in all weather conditions except during fortuitous events such as strong typhoons, earthquakes, natural calamities, etc.
  • Minimum of 10 join in/ private tour to run



Happening every Friday and Saturday from 4:30 – 7:30 pm, the Auro Chocolate Bar Crawl starts at 5 pm SHARP to avoid traffic AND so you can park before Poblacion gets crazy! They only accept 30 people per day so book your ticket now while spots last on www.aurochocolate.com/barcrawlfor this one-of-a-kind chocolate experience!

Check out what the rest has been saying about their experience;



Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Field trip, yes?

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Meals.PH: The Best Home-Cooked Meals Delivered Straight To You

Meals.PH: The Best Home-Cooked Meals Delivered Straight To You

Meals.ph is an online food marketplace in the Philippines. It is where you can reliably and consistently find great food only from the best cooks.

Old Manila Filipino Food Crawl

Old Manila Filipino Food Crawl

Experience a one of a kind Heritage Food Tour with The Fat Girls Day Out

Manila Coffee Crawl

Manila Coffee Crawl

A quick coffee history lesson for you: back in the 1960s, coffee consumption began to grow exponentially. For the first time, coffee became widely accessible. This marked The First Wave.

The Second Wave came with an increase in the quality of coffee readily accessible. Big companies – such as Starbucks – started running coffee shops as money-making businesses. Coffee started to turn into a luxury product rather than a necessity.

The Third Wave is about giving special focus to specialty coffees and giving importance to their quality, origin, and unique characteristics. They focus on using a scientific approach in farming, roasting, and brewing to bring out the very best in coffee.


  • Embrace Manila’s brewing café scene as you get to know more about the country’s Third Wave Coffee Industry
  • Discover Manila’s obscure cafés in unlikely corners, known to serve the best well-crafted coffees in town
  • Learn from your guide about the vast coffee culture per café, from beans to roasting techniques
  • Klook exclusive: Participate in a coffee crawl tastefully curated by Fat Girls Day Out!


Experience a different kind of Manila tour and dive into the exciting Third Wave Coffee Industry happening in the metropolis. The Manila Coffee Crawl is dedicated to all caffeine junkies and tourists who want to dig deeper into the hip and trendy scene brewing at the moment. Led by the Fat Girls Day Out team, this tour will take you to Manila’s lesser-known destinations, where only the best-handcrafted coffees are made. Get to know five obscure coffee shops all across the metro and embrace each of their cultures as you learn more about them. From beans, roasting techniques, to experience the handcrafted coffee per shop, every visit is worth the money if you’re looking to blend more into Manila’s local scene.


fat girls day out- coffee crawl


  • Philippine exclusive one of a kind Third Wave Coffee Crawl Series
  • 2 English speaking tour guides
  • Transportation (Pick up, transfers, and final drop off)
  • Photo coverage

Visual Snippets from our tour


For inquiries e-mail us at experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or call us +63998 5448140

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Manila for a Day Crawl

Manila for a Day Crawl

This experience crawl is a mixture of old and new. Come with us! as we re-introduce Manila to you from a different angle.


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