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Diplomat Hotel: Go Up The Hill To The Dominican Retreat House

Diplomat Hotel: Go Up The Hill To The Dominican Retreat House

Spanish Baroque architecture, vantage view of the city, and perhaps some ghost sightings.

Dong Bei: Northern China Dumplings in Yuchenco Street

Dong Bei: Northern China Dumplings in Yuchenco Street

A Chinese immigrant from Dong Bei, China brings a piece of her heritage comfort food to Binondo, Manila with these freshly-made Northern Chinese dumplings.

Baguio City For A Day: Where to EAT, Where to GO and What to DO!

Baguio City For A Day: Where to EAT, Where to GO and What to DO!

This is the Baguio Guide I have been meaning to write. We all know that there are tons of “Baguio Travel Guides” available on the internet and I’ve been contemplating as to how to make this content piece more resonating to you in such a way I’d be able to create a unique piece. If you’ve been a reader of this platform you’re familiar with our Neighborhood Series guides —

Known as The Philippine’s upland, pine-clad retreat from the heat and dust of the lowlands, albeit nowadays we can say that it also processes the same chaotic character of Manila only a notch lower. This is the kick-off point should you want to reach the hill tribe’s culture in Sagada, Banaue, and Kalinga.


fat girls day out- baguio
Igorot Women in Baguio City


Although presented with loads of jeepneys, taxis, and tourist’s private vehicles, and not to mention the SM Mall marring every view – Baguio still has this natural draw- an airy and cold place where you can tolerate the mayhem of small-scale urban spaces, a burgeoning restaurant scene, and a pretty decent public market are still a refreshing experience for outsiders.


Come away with us during our #Day Out as we show you Where to Eat, Where to Go, and What to DO if you have only 48 hours to spend in the city of Pines. 


How To Reach Baguio via Manila

Via Public Transportation

Several bus companies ply the Manila-Baguio route. You can catch a bus at the following terminals:

    Regular aircon: P485
    First-class: P800
    Deluxe: P720
    Premier: P740
    Deluxe: P730
    Premier: P760
    Regular aircon: P496
    First-class: P80

Private Vehicle

3 h 55 min (245 km) via R-8 and N Luzon W Expy/R-8

  • Continue to Balintawak, Quezon City
  • Follow E1/R-8 and N Luzon W Expy to Tarlac – Pangasinan – La Union Expy in Urdaneta City
  • Continue on Tarlac – Pangasinan – La Union Expy to your destination in Baguio


Accommodation Options


Considerations For Visiting

Crowded Months

Busiest months in Baguio would be December, February (Panangnga/ Flower Festival) and during the Holy Week. I personally will always avoid those months to avoid heavy traffic in the city area.

Baguio Weather 

April is the hottest month in Baguio City with an average temperature of 70°F (21°C) and the coldest is January at 64°F (18°C).


fat girls day out- baguio


fat girls day out-baguio

Visit the Baguio Public Market 

Whenever we’re in Baguio we always make sure to always to visit the local public market. There you will find the freshest produce at its regional base prices.

Staple Hauls

  • Fresh coffee beans from Benguet region
  • La Union grapes
  • 100% Pure Honey
  • Fresh oyster mushrooms
  • Plump tomatoes and cherry tomatoes
  • Romaines/ Lettuce
  • Lemons
  • Sagada oranges (when in season)
  • Kale

For us, the best time to go to the market would be pretty early in the morning.

  • Location: Magsaysay Ave, Baguio City.
  • The market is located at the bottom of Session Rd. (the main street of downtown Baguio) on Magsaysay Avenue. It’s easiest to get there by through several entrances along Magsaysay, or from the back near Abanao Square.
  • Another resource: A dedicated blog resource for the Baguio City Market 


fat girls day out- baguio


A Visit To BenCab Museum (outside Baguio)

I personally helm this as one of the best collection of contemporary art, Cordillera collections (animalist, sacred wood figures), and not to mention the almost complete collection of the artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (BenCab).

A beautiful space by showcasing ultra-modernism mixed with traditional Filipino crafts. Make sure to spend at least 3 hours at this place and roam around its floors and outskirt mini forest at the back.


Tam-Awan Village 

This artists-centric colony is located in 366-C Pinsao Proper. This artist colony showcases indigenous craftsmanship and a venue where local artist from the Cordilleras can come together and create art. Visitors can participate in art workshops, learn dream-catcher or bead making, and enjoy indigenous music and dance demonstrations.


fat girls day out- baguio
Gallery Snippets


The Chanum Foundation, headed by the national artist Ben Cabrera, developed the project in line with its mission to preserve and teach the art and culture of the Cordillera people. This is probably one of the best vantage point to see the South China Sea.


  • You can rent its nine traditional Ifugao homes and two Kalinga huts for the night.
  • Official website
  •  (via public transportation) take a Quezon Hill–Tam-Awan or Tam-Awan–Long-Long jeepney from the corner of Kayang and Shagem Sts (P11)
  • Facebook Page



Mt. Cloud Bookstore

I’ve been in love with this bookstore for 9 years and this is arguably one of the best bookstores to get all the curated local authors.  If you love collecting books about history, ethnographic non-fictions, and novels written by great writers then Mt. Cloud should be on your checklist.


fat girls day out- baguio


Make sure to visit their social channels to see what kind of event they’re hosting — Author meet & greets, food tasting, novel reading sessions, and related lectures.


  • New location:  1 Yangco Road, Corner Brent Rd, Baguio
  • Monday/Sunday 10am-7pm

Camp John Hay

Visiting this 246- hectare old US military is an oasis should you want to see open grounds of greenery and heaps of natural pine trees. True to its reinvention as a mountain resort, where you can choose to stay in any of its posh hotels or for the most of us frolic the grounds and enjoy a restful coffee or perhaps ice cream afternoons.


fat girls day out- baguio


  • Other activities: golf, mini-golf, ziplines, walking trails, and outlet shopping (although prices are still relatively the same as Manila’s)
  • (via public transportation) Camp John Hay is very spread out, and jeepneys are not allowed in, so your best bet is to take a cab.


Drive up to Dominical Hill Retreat House (perhaps see a ghost or two)

Up the hill is the Dominical Retreat house where it used to be back in 1911, American friars and nuns of their orders in Baguio seek solace and R&R.  It became a refugee place during World War II from people escaping the terror of Japanese soldiers, but when the same forces advanced and invaded the property they turned the retreat house as their headquarters. Brutal imperial armies committed unspeakable acts of inhumane violence– decapitating priest. raping nuns, and barbaric torturing of those captives of war. During the end of the Japanese occupation and as the American forces were slowly liberating each this section– Japanese armies committed suicide to refuse defeat.


fat girls day out- baguio


The Dominican Hill Retreat House, also commonly known as the Diplomat Hotel, is now an abandoned structure atop Dominican Hill. Famous for its ghost sighting stories, but the whole property on which it stands has become a Dominican Heritage Hill and Nature Park. A panoramic view of the city unfolds from its vantage point and a great garden is surrounding the entire property.


  • Dominican Hill, Diplomat Road, Baguio
  • Closes at 5pm


fat girls day out-baguio


There are heaps of options where to eat in Baguio and taste will always be subjective based on preference and price point will always be a consideration. So let me subdivide our recommendations based on our Where to Eat Categorization.


fat girls day out- baguio
Pizza Amare’s brick-oven


Good view/variety of dishes

  • Arca’s Yard (Ambuklao Rd.)

Cheap Eats

  • Good Taste Cafe & Restaurant (Near Burnham Park)
  • Solibao (Familiar comfort food)
  • Balajadia Kitchenette Slaughter House
  • Point & Eat Grill (Session Rd.)

Pizza and Pasta

  • Amare La Cusina (#1 Ignacio Villamor St.)


  • Cafe Yagam (25 J.Felipe Street, Lualhati)
  • Farmer’s Daughter (inside Tam-Awan Village)

Unlimited Korean BBQ

  • Korean Palace Restaurant (38th South Drive)

Unlimited Japanese Yakiniku

  • Tajimaya Charcoal Grill (Military Cutoff Road)


  • Oh My Gulay! (Fortune Care, 108, Session Rd)

Fine Dining 

  • Forest House (Loakan Rd, Camp John Hay)
  • Le Chef at The Manor (Camp John Hay)
  • Mario’s (Upper Session Rd)

Ice Cream/Desserts

  • Strawberries and Ice Cream (Camp John Hay)
  • Choco-late de Batirol (Igorot Park of Camp John Hay)



  • Chaya (72 Legarda Rd, Brgy. Campo Sioco)

Overrated Restaurants

  • Foggy Mountain Cookhouse (Overpriced, inconsistent, and the view isn’t that great due to Meralco wires obstructions)
  • O’ Mai Kan (Poor customer service)
  • 50’s Dinner (Yes it is still cheap, but the quality drastically changed)
  • Pizza Volante

Why Go?

The drive to perfect long drive road trip to the north where every town is feels different and yet familiar at the same time. A lowlander’s dream of cool weather- Baguio will always be this attractive out of town destination. What’s your fondest Baguio memory? comment below! We’d love to hear your feedback and recommendations for our next Baguio trip.

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Kanto Freestyle 65°: Get Your Eggs Benny For Less Than 200php!

Kanto Freestyle 65°: Get Your Eggs Benny For Less Than 200php!

Kanto Freestyle is that perfect stopover when you want to sober up after a night up drinking and partying- check out the rest of Top Best Grubs Places After Drinking. Go for the good food, level-up plating, and superb value for your money.

Mirèio: Provençal Food and All Its Essence

Mirèio: Provençal Food and All Its Essence

A high-ceilinged space with natural light streaming in from the floor-to-ceiling windows, marble detailing and kitchen countertop as well as plush seating set the elegant tone for Mirèio. It was our first time to dine in this elegant brasserie where Provençal-inspired cuisine and other French favorites born of traditional French cooking techniques takes the stage.


fat girls day out-Mirèio


Raffles true to its literature-centric theme and connection has made a thoughtful tribute to Nobel Laureate Frederic Mistral by naming dedicated space for his most celebrated poem– “Mirèio”


fat girls day out- Mirèio
Photo: mireioatraffles.com
In Provence, Mirèio is the daughter of a rich farmer. She is in love with a modest basketmaker, Vincènt. Her father disapproves of the relationship and seeks other suitors. Mirèio, in despair, escapes from her house to Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. There she prays to the saints that her father will accept her relationship with Vincènt. The way is hard and unbearably hot. In the end, the saints made an appearance to Mirèio. They tell her of their happiness in paradise, and Mirèio dies in peace.


fat girls day out-Mirèio



On one quiet Saturday noon, we found ourselves at the 9th floor of Raffles (Makati), the gracious host showed us to our table which is perfectly arranged cutleries and tables facing the unobstructed view of Makati. 


Provençal food and all its essence

Real Provençal cuisine is bold but simple, focusing on perpetuating the taste and texture of seasonal, fresh ingredients of the region. Quite distinctive from the rest of French cooking as it envelopes its style of Mediterranean influence where spices, herbs, olive oils, and fresh florals are heavily in rotation. Think of salad with basil and tomato, ratatouille, bouillabaisse and fragrant meat chops grilled with herb and garlic.


fat girls day out- Mirèio


Located in southeastern France, which extends from the left bank of the lower Rhône to the west to the Italian border to the east, and is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the south- Mother Nature is abundantly generous in this part of the France, and Provençal way of cooking is naturally tasty and flavorful due to the sun-kissed produce all year round.

Mirèio at the Raffles Makati is a showcase of Provence’s rich culture and culinary traditions.


fat girls day out - Mirèio

The creative cocktails, meanwhile, are alone worthy of your time. This drink is called the Mirèio. One of the best-sellers is Mireio (P695), a mix of Grey Goose, green chartreuse, cranberry juice, and lemon juice.


(NEW new a la carte menu) Pan-seared foie gras with  raspberry and rhubarb chutney/ buckwheat tuile

fat girls day out-Mirèio

The foie gras was perfectly seared on both sides with a dash of rhubarb chutney and raspberry. The best way to eat it is to get a bit of the tuile, the rhubarb, and the raspberry. The buttery, delicate flavor of the foie is perfectly complimented by the tangy and tarty raspberry and chutney. The buckwheat tuile adds a little bit of texture as you take your bite. It’s completely balanced in your mouth.

Seared Hokkaido Scallops /Asparagus/shallots/lemon butter/microgreens

fat girls day out-Mirèio


Excellently seared scallops with a nice tender center were a great start to our meal. The scallops were so tender and had a hint of sweetness as you bite into it. Do yourself a favor and get a bit of every element in the plate, it just works well together. The fried shallots are a nice burst of flavor when eaten with the scallops.


Lobster Bisque 

fat girls day out-Mirèio


This classic french entree was served to us by pouring the bisque into a bowl with pieces of lobster, apples, and creme. The bisque itself was full of the creamy rich flavors of lobster and by adding some pieces of at the bottom, it added a nice texture to the dish, while the cubes of apples gave it a bit of tangy flavor. Warm, and comforting, it’s a great starter.


Burrata Caprese

fat girls day out-Mirèio


Burrata Caprese, this dish is definitely a favorite. They use fresh mozzarella served with an arugula salad, tomatoes, and apple chutney drizzled with sweet balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. While staying true to the classic Italian Caprese, they add their own twist. It’s such a light salad and refreshing taste with every bite of the cheese in your mouth.




(NEW new a la carte menu) Maine lobster tail Thermidor/ lobster bisque mashed potato/roasted green asparagus/cherry tomatoes



Visually appealing, as well as, tasty. This dish uses Lobster imported from Maine. Chopped lobsters are placed in the shell with a  creamy white sauce then topped with melted gruyere cheese. They serve this with a side of sweet potato, lobster bisque and grilled cherry tomatoes and green asparagus.

(NEW new a la carte menu) Kurobuta pork chop with porcini/ confit potato/ watercress salads



First thought when I took a small bite of the pork was that this was something unique. It’s not your typical pork chop. If you don’t know what Kurobuta is, it’s described as being the wagyu of the Pork World. Kurobuta comes from Berkshire Pigs that originates from England. The meat is a lot more tender than normal pork and it was just evident with each bite of the pork chop. They complement this with a side of confit potatoes and a watercress salad.

Grilled Black Angus Rib Eye with french fries and caesar salad



300g of Black Angus Rib Eye with homestyle fries and a side of caesar salad. This dish is quite filling with the generous serving of the crisp fries. The steak itself was served medium well and had a nice crust on the outside and was tender and flavorful with each bite. Add a bit of sea salt to add even more umami flavor in the meat.


See their Lunch Set Menu 



Lavender Creme Brulee

fat girls day out-Mirèio


This dish is the perfect ending to such a refined meal. Mireio’s creme brulee uses a lavender extract that adds a nice finish when you get a spoonful of this custard dessert. The texture was soft, creamy with a nice caramelized layer of sugar on top with a small chocolate stick and peach sorbet on the side. Break into the caramelized sugar and help your self with a spoon full of everything, where this simple dish is elevated further with the different textures and temperatures you get to experience with each bite.



 65 % Maraicabo Mousse with Chocolate Ice Cream, truffle cake, and hazelnut crunch


fat girls day out-Mirèio


Chocolate mousse, chocolate ice cream, fudge, chocolate strips, hazelnut crunch, and cacao nibs. This dessert plays with the different textures and temperature of the chocolate and plating it in such a fun way that you can have chocolate in 6 ways in one single bite. The 65% Maraicabo dark chocolate really makes a difference by having a nice dark full-bodied chocolate taste.


fat girls day out- Mirèio
The perfect cup of Flat White coffee to cap off the perfect Saturday lunch.



Why Go?

Let’s start with the sun-drenched interiors, the modest bar area that doesn’t intend to intimidate anyone, a space that becomes this oasis of calm within the endless usual chatters in the Makati neighborhood. Then there’s the unfailingly high level of standards in cooking and service.

fat girls day out-Mirèio
Photo: mireioatraffles.com

But what separates this highly decorated gourmet establishment from all of the other decorated restaurants in Metro Manila is that uniquely local of Provençe gestalt that Hervé Clair has cultivated over the years of exposure to classic and innovative take on the French gastronomy practice  — one that combines their own, ever-evolving artistic perceptiveness with a strong touch of international discipline, and the grandeur of gourmet dishes slowly growing in popularity in the local Philippine market.


We were spoilt for choices of mains like steaks and seafood prepared with fresh ingredients that are frequently flown in to ensure the quality of the dishes served. Add to that these new flavourful addition to their ala carte menu. Mirèio goes beyond the perfect ambiance and we’re thrilled to experience much more delicious reasons to keep us coming back for more.


Mirèio Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

9th Level, Raffles Makati, 1 Raffles Drive, Makati Avenue, Makati, 1224
Telephone: +632 795 1840
Private Dining Inquiries: +63 926 755 4569
Email: mireio.makati@raffles.com
FacebookRaffles Makati


Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Field trip, yes?

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The Ultimate Poblacion Neighborhood Guide

The Ultimate Poblacion Neighborhood Guide

Let us re-introduce Poblacion Makati with this food, art, and culture-centric neighborhood guide. A Fat Girls Day Out Curated Guide.

Solaire Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with Special Homemade Mooncakes

Solaire Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with Special Homemade Mooncakes

Solaire Resort & Casino celebrates the autumn equinox and the fullness of the moon with an assortment of Homemade Mooncake

Cubao City: The Obscure, The Cool, and its Hidden Subculture

Cubao City: The Obscure, The Cool, and its Hidden Subculture

I don’t know if it is just us, or the saturation of a city that draws us out from it. Almost everyone talks about “10 Things To Do in BGC” or “5 Instagrammable Coffee Shops in Makati!”— there are heaps of content and blogs talking about the same predictable places all the time. Then again, perhaps it’s just us. We love finding a diamond within piles of rubbles.

With this content piece, we want to talk about Cubao City. Yes, you read it right— good old sketchy Cubao City. Like most old towns in Metro Manila people have forgotten that the city did matter in her glory days in the 60’s.


fat girls day out- Cuba


It is where the greatest sporting event  “Thrilla in Manila” took place, where Muhammad Ali fought William Frazier for the WBC/WBA title.  To commemorate that victory, they build the first official mall in the country which we still now call the Ali Mall. 



Come away with us as we show you Where to EAT, Where to GO, and What to DO when in CUBAO City. Featuring the obscure, the cool, and its hidden subculture. 




Cubao X housed street and art culture driven establishments prior before all the millennials flock annual Manila Art installs and jump into the bandwagon of dosing into contemporary art for GRAM purposes. The whole complex used to be the Marikina Shoe Expo, developed in 1972 where the best shoemakers of Marikina showcase their products then it closed in 1997 as the industry was dying out and left it with ruins of quirky spaces. The place made a comeback in the 2000’s housing everything artfully dodged, eclectic and underground hip.




The common formula would be cheap cold beers, tattoo shops, 80’s built parlors (which recently closed already), tailor leather shop, Ukay Ukay for clothing, 2nd hand vinyl shops and a number of antique shops who have been there since they re-opened.

Why Go?

It is really hard to pin down what Cubao Expo really represents or what generation it caters. For me, it’s a neutral ground where we all could drink cold beers and discuss how awful and preppy the outside world is.


fat girls day out-cubao


It is still Cubao’s best-kept secret and a treat for the discriminating few in search of the rarity.

Address of Cubao Expo: General Romulo Street, Araneta Center, Cubao, Quezon City.


Eat the Best sous vide lechon in Habanero Kitchen and Bar

Some of the solid innovative food finds that would normally blow our minds would come from hole-in-the-wall nooks that we wish no one would ever find out- as much as we love sharing the best places to eat, we oftentimes keep certain locations for ourselves. It is like finding that one great indie artist for quite some time hoping that the artist will never sell out to mainstream channels.  Since we’re doing this neighborhood guide, might as well divulge our secret just so we have a good selling proposition to all of you. Habanero Kitchen & Bar is that hole in the wall restaurant for us.

Browse their menu you will notice that their roster of creativity and not to mention the quality is the kind of roster you’d find in the more upscale restaurants in Metro Manila. Snotty food journals might coin “Elevated Filipino Cuisine” or even “Haute”. But the having Cubao as its mother location stripped away all those pretensions. Just damn good food. Dishes are playful and yet distinctively Filipino, losing none of the essential elements in their application of modernism style of cooking.

FGDO Recommends

Do not skip the Lechon Habanero. A kilo of pork is cooked sous vide style for at least 10 hours, perfectly sliced, and the O.C.D way of presenting it was perfect.


fat girls day out- cubao
Lechon Habanero


Get a piece or two of the spiced lechon, put those pieces on top of the mustard leaves, dabble a spoonful of the buro, and then wrap the whole thing like a spring roll.


fat girls day out- cubao


Habanero’s Leche Flan looks like an egg on a nest. Of course, everything is edible.


Why Go?

Habanero for quite sometime sits quietly where she is. No one really takes time to notice them, but she sure does deserve our attention. If you want to see the future of Filipino cuisine, go to this restaurant.



Go for Cigarettes After Sex over at INT. Bar

Behind the bright red curtain of a  photo booth lies a little speakeasy by the name of Int. Bar. A place where the love for film and strong cocktails are in pure synthesis. Why “Int.”? It is the prefix of headers in film screenplays. Imagine entring a cool dark den complimented by mid-60s mid century inspired modern furniture. 

FGDO Recommends

Take this drink called– Cigarettes After Sex. The bartender told us that this is the bestseller. If you’re a whiskey drinker, you’d enjoy this drink because of its layers of the flavor profile.  Lapsang Infusion, Laphroaig 10 y.o. Islay Scotch Whiskey, Honey, Egg White, and Rosemary Smoke. The theatrical serving of this drink added a bonus touch to the overall experience.


fat girls day out- cubao
Cigarettes After Sex


For the ladies, you’ll love the Eternal Sunshine because it is sweet and yet the cacao infused tequila creates this depth of warm flavors which was offset by the brightness of agave.

A drink called Eternal Sunshine [Cacao nibs infused reposado, Aperol, pineapple, lime, and Agave nectar.] piqued our interest, mainly because we personally love the film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004). Offhand, we wanted something sweet, refreshing, and will finish strong towards the end.

Another libation of choice would be a drink inspired by Wes Anderson’s 2002 film, The Royal Tenenbaums. This is for the scotch drinkers, they use Dewar’s scotch, Sandeman Tawny port wine, Angostura bitters, flamed citus oil.


Why Go?

A speakeasy bar and cocktails named after classic films in Cubao? isn’t that interesting enough? Go for these damn good drinks and the conversations you will have.


  • Location: Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Ave. Cubao, Quezon City
  • Operating Hours: 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., Tuesdays to Sundays
  • Ave. Spend: P500 to P1,000
  • @int.bar

Dance like no one is watching in Today  X Future

Today X Future reminds me of a blind date. You don’t know how he looks like, what he sounds like, unknowingly curious about his personality. Hearing about him with your chatty friends or through the use if the internet, you still have a vague indication of who he really is leaving you intrigued. So you dress up, put on your makeup, scared yet prepared for what may come. The date opens you to discover someone you couldn’t have fathom or dreamed up, the kind that leaves you smitten and anxious because you do not know what will happen to your encounter.


Fat Girls Day Out: Today x Future


Smacked in the middle of 2 pawnshops in General Malvar Ave. in Cubao City. It is a hole in the wall concept bar and one of the unique bars you’d see in Metro Manila. It’s small, dark, cramped up, lit by cheap led Christmas lights and its iconic 70’s disco ball.


fat girls day out- cubao


This place takes your expectations and throws it in the trashcan and gives you something better and weirdly satisfying at the same time.



On a night you’d want to dance or even attempt to 80’s-early 90’s old school hip-hop and another night, the DJ might bring out a QUEEN classic like “We Will Rock You” You” and deftly mix that with an old OPM disco song. The crowd is slightly skewed differently each night, rowdy, tame or even nonchalant patrons on Tuesday Jazz Nights. One thing that doesn’t seem to change is how Future is always open until 4 am, the waiter says proudly and even on Holy Week at times.

  • Location:  2 General Malvar Ave, Cubao, Quezon City, 1109 Metro Manila


Lounge and listen to Jazz in Tago Bar

A quaint quarter from a converted residential house in Cubao City. A lone venue that only features live jazz music. The acoustics are good, the patrons are friendly, the beer is cold, and the musicianship is soulful. They play standards mostly, with innovative beats and improv solos.


fat girls day out- opm


As it names precedes it- ‘Tago’ it is quite hidden. Make sure to find it on Waze as you’ll likely get lost on the back street of Cubao to find this signless bar.

As seen on our OPM Destinations
  • Address: 14 Main Ave. Cubao, Quezon City
  • Grounds for: Jazz, Soul, and Standards
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

The O.G “Art Fair” in Manila Since 1972 – Sining Kamalig. 

The Sining Kamalig Art Gallery is the longest-running art gallery in the country spanning back in the 70’s and is conveniently located inside Ali Mall. It gave the visionary artist space where they can feature their materials.


fat girls day out-cuban
Photo by Sining Kamalig


For decades, Sining Kamalig has created a safer common ground where artists can express their political pieces thru their contemporary paintings.

Why Go?

Sining Kamalig displays works by big and small names in the art industry, so there’s always something new to discover contemporary pieces.


  • Address: Upper G/F Ali Mall, Araneta Center
  • Grounds for: Contemporary art
  • Facebook



Same with the city of Manila– its unappealing shell is more than what meets the eye, to those who look beyond the usual perception, these hidden jewels are discovered only by those who are determined enough to pry.

Have a #DayOut in Cubao City and experience something different and worthwhile.



Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Field trip, yes?


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