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Where to To Take Your Dad This Father’s Day

Where to To Take Your Dad This Father’s Day

Most won’t have any clue just yet where to take their precious Dads, so the Fat Girls Day Out crew listed our top curated recommendations to help you out!

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats: Solid Food Grub as Always

Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats: Solid Food Grub as Always

I would definitely still vouch for the VALUE FOR MONEY line without compromising quality. You’d be able to enjoy a good old steak plate for less than 500php. Generous serving, attentive wait staff, and their ice creams are still really good.

El Chupacabra (Poblacion): Just to Give Credit to the one who started the scene

El Chupacabra (Poblacion): Just to Give Credit to the one who started the scene

El Chupacabra in Poblacion, Makati is a Mexican restaurant which earned its credo to be serving really good street tacos and cheap local beers. I remember stumbling at this joint back in 2012 while my former date and I wanted to still hang out and look for a place that sells good grubs and open til’ late.

Quick Background

Named after the legendary cryptid El Chupacabra which accurately means Sucker (Chupa) and Goat (Cabra) that sucks the blood out of livestock, particularly goats.

Fat Girls Day Out- El Chupacabra
Festive Facade of El Chupacabra

This Mexican concept restaurant is the brainchild of Dixie Mabanta of Mexicali. The still current location is the commissary of Mexicali, which they thought of turning into a “street taco” dining place just like those that are in San Diego and San Francisco are in the States.

El Chupacabra’s Role in the Poblacion Scene

Before Gen Z’s call this Poblacion “Poblah” (Please kids it doesn’t really sound cool) Poblacion was the hidden outskirt location in Makati for most of us when people started realizing that Ayala centers don’t give that much experience value rather than generic and overrated international franchises. The Poblacion dining scene is its backdoor hipster counterpart offering an unparalleled haven for those seeking to peek into another world.

Fat Girls Day Out
Poblacion Neighborhood

Traditionally, it was known for years as a red-light district, Poblacion is trading its spunky reputation for seediness and skewing itself to be a place where cool is redefined. Heavily wheeled by white-collar Filipinos and expats, they infiltrate the mushrooming dining and drinking scene. Burgos is humid, has sketchy roads, one to none parking space yet its community kept on growing progressively. El Chupacabra is one of the very few who silently ignited that fire.

Fat Girls Day Out
Poblacion Street Art

Infiltrated initially by foreigners due to the surrounding cheap backpacker hostels around the area. As it started to pick up a local dive bar called Heckle & Jeckle transferred from Polaris and rooted its place also in Felipe street right in front of El Chupacabra. The two started complimenting each other ever since.

The Vibe

El Chupacabra remains dimly lit, cheap light bulbs peppered at its open dining area. Its vandalized wall and loud Latino reggaeton give much character to the place.

As much as I missed the open air with no air-condition humid/smoke infused vibe the recently renovated La Cueva del Chupacabra (cave of Chupacabra) is a solid good addition to us patrons who still love their menu roster yet seeks the comfort of being the closest to becoming the next Tita and Tito’s of Manila.

New facilities, perfect air-conditioning. and not too loud reggaeton (of course, the playlist should still compliment the place)

Our dearly love street tacos. Cheap Tacos.

We recommend that you get these staples:

  • Carne Asada (grilled steak taco)
  • Baja California Fish Taco
  • Pollo Asado (chicken)

El Chupacabra’s tacos, in their most basic form. Dry griddled corn tortilla, a grilled protein of some kind, salsa, cilantro, onion, and lime. Unlike most Tex-Mex “fusion” places you see nowadays where they totally f*** up a taco because of too much playfulness. They focused so much on the aesthetics that forget to forget the truest taste of what a street taco should be.

Their proteins are well brinned as you can taste strong flavors with every bite. Generous toppings for tacos are onion, cilantro, and Pinoy lime. Like any good taqueria they finely minced onion and chopped non-wilted cilantro. Drizzle with their housemade salsa and sour cream for added texture and tartness to each bite.

Fat Girls Day Out- El Chupacabra

These colorful small plates always remind us of years of good times that we’ve been having with El Chupacabra. Chunky, greasy, and ever so tasty.

We want our street tacos oily, flavourful, and unapologetic. They still serve the best value for money Tex-Mex food in Metro Manila (so far).

Fat Girls Day Out- El Chupcabra
A Bucket of Cold Beer for Less than 500php

Visit their Facebook Page for updates on their promos.

A Staple

Poblacion is the new “IT Kid” of Makati with numerous new concepts sprouting randomly from its side streets. However, El Chupacabra will always be the notable to us as being one of the cheapest places to get a drink in the neighborhood with a solid promise of good no BS street taco.

Our CX Rating:


Address: 5782 Felipe Street
Operating Hours: 11AM-4AM, Mon-Sat / 11AM-12MN, Sun
Local Beers: Approximately PHP 55 per bottle
Expect to Spend: Around PHP 350 per person

Check out the rest of their menu items, other reviews, and location map here:

El Chupacabra Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Field trip, yes?

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La Mère Poulard: Tradition and Quality Since 1888

La Mère Poulard: Tradition and Quality Since 1888

La Mère Poulard in Manila is the fourth branch of the renowned French restaurant. The original restaurant still sits in Mont Saint-Michel, while the two other branches can be found in Japan. There are only 4 La Mère Poulard in the whole world and that includes their venture here in the Philippines.

Chaplin: Wants you to take your time while you savor every dish.

Chaplin: Wants you to take your time while you savor every dish.

Chaplin serves authentic Israeli cuisine, pastries, fine coffee and curated cocktails.

MANGO TREE, BGC: A Modish Fine Dining Thai Restaurant

MANGO TREE, BGC: A Modish Fine Dining Thai Restaurant

Thai food is known for its impactful taste, variety and unique combinations of seasoning.  It’s a balance of different flavors: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. They also use herbs and spices to further enrich the taste of the food. Mango Tree has showcased a variety of Thai cuisines that would excite your taste buds. Their cooking is carefully balanced to bring out the diverse flavors of their plates. The authenticity of food –  their genuine approach in presentation, proportions, freshness of ingredients of their dishes has made them the pate of Thai fare.



Headed by seasoned Chef Siwat Korsem with experience in Thai cuisine for over 27 years, Chef Korsem will continue Mango Tree’s vision of ensuring that every customer is satisfied with the complexity of tastes by using only the best and freshest ingredients, authentic herbs, and spices.


The restaurant is spacious and has a wide bar in-front of the entrance.  It also has an impressive exterior. The high-ceiling interior looks sophisticated. The lighting has this aesthetic effect, and the decorative elements add to the Thai culture aura, which makes you feel comfortable



Fat Girls Day Out- Mango Tree




Mango Tree ensures they bring in innovative dishes for consumers. A dining experience that you will look forward to and crave for more.


Fat Girls Day Out- Mango TreePrawns in Pandan (Php 580)

Marinated prawns wrapped in aromatic pandan leaves. I personally like the spiciness of this dish. The pandan leaves also add flavor to the shrimp.


Fat Girls Day Out- Mango Tree

Deep-fried Prawns in Tamarind sauce (P580)


Deep fried prawns topped with garlic, chilies, spring onions and tamarind. The colorful pieces on this dish will put in delight.


Fat Girls Day Out- Mango TreeThai Chicken Skewers (Php 420)


Grilled marinated chunks of chicken skewed with cherry tomato, bell peppers, white onions, and pineapple served with sweet vinegar. For pork lovers out there, they also offer Thai pork skewers to suit your appetite.


Fat Girls Day Out- Mango Tree Thai Crispy Rice Crackers (Php 280)

Deep fried crispy rice crackers served with a creamy and savory dip made with coconut milk, shrimp, and chicken.

 Fat Girls Day Out- Mango TreeTom Yum Chicken Wings (Php 290)


Deep-friend chicken wings in tom yum powder. This is one of the clincher favorites.


Phad Thai with Soft Shell Crab (Php 550)


Thai stir-fried rice noodles with soft shell crab. Most of Phad Thai dishes are stir-fried with eggs, chopped firm tofu, fish sauce, dried shrimp, shallots or garlic, red chili pepper, palm sugar and is flavored with tamarind pulp. This is served with lime wedges and chopped roasted peanuts. Chef Parpun used soft shell crab instead of shrimps to add texture to this dish. Moreover, he was so pleased when we ate our Phad Thai because we know how to mix them all up. We put the roasted peanuts and lime. We are fortunate that we get visit Thailand and had experience eating Phad Thai on the streets.


Fat Girls Day Out- Mango TreeMussaman Lamb Shank (Php 850)

Lamb shank with onion, potato, and peanuts served in massaman curry



Fat Girls Day Out- Mango Grill


 Tub Tim Grob (Php 250)


Red ruby chestnut with coconut ice cream. The red ruby chestnut tastes like nata de coco. The combination of the two is just perfect. Not too sweet and refreshing especially on a hot summer day.

Fat Girls Day Out- Mango Tree

Sweet Cassava (P220)


Sweet cassava topped with coconut milk. I personally like the softness and the texture of cassava, it melts in your mouth and the coconut milk blends well with it.


A fusion of delightful dishes makes a restaurant stand out from the rest. Maintaining a good portfolio of food for the past years makes you more credible on your craft. Being awarded as The Best Dining Restaurants 2018 by Philippine Tatler is an indication that they have to build a good reputation in the food industry. Mango Tree has upheld 3 components why they continuously ahead in modernizing their brand. According to Ms. Neri Mijares, Marketing in charge of Mango Tree. Authenticity, quality of food and customer service are the important factors why they are still on top.


  • For renovation by July of this year,  to expand their diner’s segment and to cater to an extended clientele.



Mango Tree Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Photos by Paula Ferrer/Co-Founder and Content Creator  (IG: @paulamariz) and GJC Public Relations

Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com




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Comfort Food Crawl Series Part 2: The Classic and the Staple

Comfort Food Crawl Series Part 2: The Classic and the Staple

For us, Good Food is Good Food. Food quality and taste is KING. No matter how “IG-worthy” a pseudo-fusion restaurant is people will continue to come back and will turn into as a repeat customer if the food that is being served to them is something valuable, good and comforting.

Skewered: Your Next Pan-Asian Gastronimic Destination

Skewered: Your Next Pan-Asian Gastronimic Destination

Skewered takes you on a Pan-Asian Tour with flavors reminiscent of each country profile presented.

Reacquainted love with Felix

Reacquainted love with Felix

Chef Florabel’s mission is to make fine dining as non-intimidating and within the greater public’s reach. She’s known for her ingenuity and brilliant infusion of the best local produced and making something world class.  Felix is one of the 9 concept restaurants on Yatco’s roster and can probably be the best representation of her vision. The restaurant was named after Chef Florabel Co-Yatco’s dad, Felix. Opened last April 2008 serving Asian Continental food and is one of the pioneering restaurants in Greenbelt 5.


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix


Felix, the restaurant.

The restaurant is architecturally elegant that offers no less than fine dining. Modern and upscale interiors. The ambiance is chic but not stiff, with very courteous and knowledgeable staff welcoming and serving guests.


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix


Roomy and perfect for big groups or families. Chairs are comfortable enough for long meals best enjoyed with family and friends.


A full bar set up ready to prepare your cocktails of choice or have a go on their extensive list of wine selection to pair with your meal.


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix


Their menu is very diverse and amusing to read. Having such an extensive menu that one visit wouldn’t be enough. They have tons of choices and have a little something for everyone.


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix


Food selections are a synthesis of dishes from different Asian countries. Prepared in a non-traditional and elevated manner.

As we mentioned, Felix serves Asian-Continental cuisine as you will notice strong execution and practices that are commonly used in European food preparation. Evident use of olive oil, wine, garlic and various herbs and spices then marry all together with Asian flavors and its core ingredients.

To complement and heightened their dishes, Felix is slowly adapting the  “farm-to-fork” ethos. You will see the herbs that they use mainly for their cooking came directly from their own garden displayed outside of their facilities.


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Our notable dishes


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Spicy Tuna with Garden Salad (425php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Crispy Prawns/Tropical Fruits/Sesame Dressing  (375php)


Fat Girls Day Out

Buffalo Mozzarella/ Tomato/  Lemon Pepper Vingrette/ Strawberries (950php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Barbecued Baby Back Ribs/ Creamed Corn/ Twice Baked Potatoes (875php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Roasted Spring Chicken/ Vegetables (795php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Maine Lobster/Garlic/Tomatoes/ Philippine Caviar (1,450php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Roasted Sea Bass/Miso/ Barley Rice (425php)

Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Quorn Pieces Salpicao/Garlic Rice/Vegetables (795php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Crispy Pork Belly  (595php)


Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Grilled Prawns/ Halibut/ Barley Rice (850php)


There’s always room for some  dessert 

Their dessert selections are beyond ordinary as well. Perfect balanced of flavors and thoughtfully put together of textures to compliment every plate.

Fat Girls Day Out- Felix

Crepe Cake/Cream (275php)


Our Overall Take

In many ways, you can see the years of experience in the industry reflected in the way they design the menu, curate ingredients, and down to the cooking execution.

Although Felix postulates a sense of a refined character in terms of dining category, their dishes are still relatable and comforting. They innovate and fusion various styles, but doesn’t go overboard and respect each element of flavor profile present in every meal.




Location: G/F Greenbelt 5 Unit 107-108, Makati City 1410
Hours: Monday to Sunday – 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Reservations: +63 (2) 729-9062 • 710-1696
Website: http://felix.ph/

Felix Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

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UMU Japanese Restaurant: Excellence and Opulence

UMU Japanese Restaurant: Excellence and Opulence

Located in Dusit Thani Hotel, UMU portrays the three Japanese ideals of wabi, sabi, and yugen in their restaurant. 


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