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Spectrum at Fairmont: Japanese Izakaya Done Right

Spectrum at Fairmont: Japanese Izakaya Done Right

Delight in your favourite Japanese dishes at the Spectrum at Fairmont where they serve various culinary favourites every Wednesday night.

Long Time Ago (Poblacion): Your Not So Ordinary Szechuan Restaurant

Long Time Ago (Poblacion): Your Not So Ordinary Szechuan Restaurant

Long Time Ago restaurant in Poblacion offers Szechuan Dishes and Then Some. Definitely, a unique dining experience, let us tell you why.

Where to To Take Your Dad This Father’s Day

Where to To Take Your Dad This Father’s Day

A few days left before June 16th!  Where will you celebrate Father’s Day? A few may say that mandatory celebration like is just a big marketing hoax to get you to spend and be lured in as a consumer. Well, partly YES. Same with Valentine’s day right? or any life celebrations for that matter. We, Pinoys are sappy sentimental like that and we are more empathetic, celebratory, and sentimental by culture. We grew up that way and we shouldn’t feel sorry for it. Besides, Father’s Day is a day for many people to show their appreciation towards fathers.


fat girls day out-fathers day


Most don’t have any clue just yet where to take our precious dads so we the Fat Girls Day Out crew listed our top 5 recommendations on where to take our Tatay this coming Sunday!






All beef needs to be aged to allow the natural enzymatic process to tenderize the meat. They are currently two ways to do it: dry ageing and wet ageing. Wet ageing allows the meat to tenderize for 7-14 days, any longer and it gets this metallic flavour that is unpleasant to the mouth. For dry ageing, full enzymatic tenderization takes about 28 days to complete. They do this by keeping the beef in a temperature controlled room for a certain amount of days.



What to Get


Where in Makati can you go to get hearty, authentic Swiss food? Not to mention a place that is also open 24 hours round the clock for 7 days delivering the same level of consistency for the past  70 years?  With this special feature, we want to give homage to the famous and the original Swiss-European restaurant, The Old Swiss Inn.



What to Get


fathers day 2019
Butcher’s Board: Angus Ribeye Steak, Lamb, Sausages, and Bacon.


Read about our experience: Old Swiss Inn (Makati): Manila’s Preface to Swiss Dining

Old Swiss Inn (book a table here)

  • Makati: G/F Somerset Olympia, Makati Avenue corner Santo Tomas Street, Urdaneta, Makati City
  • Contact: 818-8251
  • Open 24 hours



If you want a unique dining experience and the restaurant’s character itself is a conversation topic.  Their price for their hot dishes (to share) is a little steep, but the serving portions are huge which is perfect for large groups. Long Time Ago stays true to the Szechuan lineage of crafting each dish by using authentic core ingredients.


Stay for hours enjoying their good food while chugging an ice-cold beer.

What to Get




Bistro Remedios can be found right around the Remedios circle. It’s that place with the wooden door and green roof. The moment you step in, it’s like going back in time. Antique fixtures, furniture, and art from local artists herald their walls and bring back the Old Manila charm.



A live ensemble of Filipino Folk singers serenades you, as you have a traditional Filipino meal.


What to Get



Thai food is known for its impactful taste, variety and unique combinations of seasoning. It’s a balance of different flavours: sweet, sour, salty, bitter and spicy. They also use herbs and spices to further enrich the taste of the food. Mango Tree has showcased a variety of Thai cuisines that would excite your taste buds. Their cooking is carefully balanced to bring out the diverse flavours of their plates. The authenticity of food – their genuine approach in presentation, proportions, freshness of ingredients of their dishes have made them the pate of Thai fare.

What to Get




When Yuval and Norfar Mann moved to the Philippines from Israel about eight years ago, Norfar struggled to find restaurants that cater to vegetarians like her and most of the time vegetarian dishes that were being served to her weren’t really 100% vegetarian at all. On February 2016, the couple opened Chaplin at Century City Mall in Makati. Chaplin serves authentic Israeli cuisine, pastries, fine coffee, and curated cocktails.

What to Get



La Collina is driven by its owner’s vision and passion for the environment. They practice the Slow Food adaptation by which in its very essence getting ingredients as a close radius from the restaurant as much as possible. Thus, a low carbon footprint impact and they get the freshest ingredients possible. Where it is sourced and how our food choices affect the world around us.


What to Get

Read about our full experience: LA COLLINA: WHERE BOTH FOOD AND AMBIANCE IS KING


Why Celebrate Father’s Day

It may appear like every month there is another “Hallmark” holiday that needs to be taken care of with cards, gifts and family lunch/dinners. June brings in all the other holidays but on its trail comes Father’s Day.

We hope this list helps and please feel free to engage with us anytime thru any of our channels. Have fun during your Day Out!


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Café Havana (LJC): More Than Just Your Typical Expat Meeting Place

Café Havana (LJC): More Than Just Your Typical Expat Meeting Place

Café Havana yields more than just a ‘meet up’ bar they have so much to offer with their well thought out concept, background history, and with fine food influenced by places like Spain, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Comfort Food Crawl Series Part 2: The Classic and the Staple

Comfort Food Crawl Series Part 2: The Classic and the Staple


It is a dish that our mother or our Lola used to make us during our childhood – it can be that good bowl of Sinigang, Arroz Caldo, or Mac & Cheese. Regardless of what the food is, it soothes our souls and comforts us in such a way having that dish makes everything seem okay. A dish that provides emotional comfort to us and linked us to a place or time when we were kids when situations and life weren’t this complicated.



In this Food Crawl Guide Paula and I will share our calibrated initial Top Five (5) places where we grew up eating and thru a random select group who also provided their consensus stamp of – YES! to these five spots.





Choc Full of Nuts has been in the old Greenhills Shopping Center since the 80’s. During that time, there were only a few malls around and Greenhills used to be a go-to for those who live in the North and South. It’s one of those places that are familiar to those of us who would visit their halls.


Photo by: @obet_si


Ever since I can remember, my grandma and my mom would take me here to have some of their tasty siopai and siomai. Every visit, we would order one to eat on the spot with a side of coke and a dozen to take home and reheat. Their Siopao has a soft exterior bun and when you break into it, shredded asado filling would be seen.



To be honest, I’m not a fan of Siopao but something about theirs has me coming back every time I visit this day. Add their sweet sauce, and every bite is a reminder of days with my mom and my grandma.

Another favorite is their siomai, it’s big plump and tasty. You can tell the filling uses pork, shrimp, and vegetables. None of those fillers to be found here, it’s simple, well done, and delicious.

Recommended: Asado Siopao, Siomai




Originally, called “Rendezvous”, Irineo Bartolome is a Kapampangan native who put up a small eatery in UP Diliman in 1949.  He changed the name to Little Quiapo when patrons would describe the place as like Quiapo, as it’s a busy place with a lot of people.

68 years later, they have already expanded their menu, and have more branches but they remain to be one of the best places to get your Palabok and halo-halo fix.

Little Quiapo, reminds me of afternoons with my Aunt and Uncle we would go here specifically when they were craving for the halo-halo-tokwa’t baboy-palabok combination. Even now, that’s what I also do when I have my cravings.


Photo by: @missuspagz


Their Special Halo-Halo is topped with a scoop of ube ice cream, the mix of beans, sago, kaong, milk, and ice is a welcome treat for any warm afternoon.


Photo by: @pandaescapades


Drizzle a bit of Calamansi and you’re set. Bouncy noodles topped with Palabok sauce. It’s rich, well balanced and perfect with their tokwa’t baboy. It’s one of the 10 oldest restaurants in Metro Manila.

Recommended: Special Halo Halo, Tokwa’t Baboy, Palabok





Betty’s has been a family favorite since before I was born. My family is a big fan of Sansrival, they have been a loyal customer of Betty’s since the 60’s. Currently, Betty’s has several branches around Metro Manila and has expanded into a casual dining restaurant that’s affordable and tasty.


Fat Girls Day Out

Thick layers of buttercream, crispy meringue, and cashews. Each bite melts in your mouth.

Recommended: Sansrival




Dayrit’s started as a hole-in-the-wall type restaurant on Taft Avenue in the 70’s. Those who studied nearby frequented their establishment. From there they expanded to several branches in Northern Metro Manila, to BF in the South. Every time, my aunt and I would pass by a branch she would always tell me the roast beef it is good. Finally, we were able to try it and it is good.


Thin slices of sirloin beef with gravy. Perfect with bread or rice alike. Another recommended item on their menu is their porkloin ham, it’s thick, juicy, meaty, and so flavorful.

Recommended: Roast Beef, Ham





While most learned about churros thru La Lola Churreria, I’ve been having this delectable snack since I was a kid. The bitter chocolate was rich and thick and was a perfect match for the crispy fried dough. The oval shape is not too thick, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.


Photo by: @mynameisjover

This was afternoons spent with my grandmother after she went shopping, and she would visit me in our home in Alabang. It would always be Churros for me and my sisters, cream puffs and eclairs for my mom, Napoleon for my dad, and a chorizo pastry for my grandmother. While the branch I recall is already closed I’m glad that there are others that are still striving and serving the same kind of food I’ve had when I was younger.

Recommended: Churros, Chorizo, Cream puffs, Eclairs, Napoleon

These five places remind me of my childhood and how I used to spend time with my family whenever we ate here. Having them now, as an adult, it brings back nostalgia and sentiment while having an excellent meal.


Why These Establishments Matter?

For us, Good Food is Good Food. Food quality and the taste is KING. No matter how “IG-worthy” a pseudo-fusion restaurant is people will continue to come back and will turn into as a repeat customer if the food that is being served to them is something valuable, good and comforting.

Their facilities may be rough around the ages,  but it cuts through that the glam facade and continues to serve their loyal patrons’ valuable products for years. More than 20 years in the business? Heck! they must’ve been doing something right.

Let these classic establishments serve as a good example to the current and incoming entrants in the market that instead of focusing too much on over-hyping certain food trends who will only provide short-term success.

You go to this kind of place for the food, for the consistency of taste and for the memories.

Thank you for dropping by! We’re still sticking to our Mission Statement and that is to provide unbiased reviews (for curated contents), raw, honest and sensible recommendations for our readers.

Please comment below for your recommendations! as we will be doing another round of our Top 5 Comfort Food Series – For June 2018. Please follow us on our official Instagram Page and Facebook for real-time updates and use the #FatGirlsDayOut during your #DayOut photos!



  • All list are researched for, paid for, calibrated against our CX rating, and curated by the content creators. The Fat Girls Day Out team were discreet during their visit.

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8 Treasures Roasting: You May Want to Order Another Round

8 Treasures Roasting: You May Want to Order Another Round

Side entrance of a gas station, Hongkong roast, and a memorable dining experience.

Reacquainted love with Felix

Reacquainted love with Felix

Although Felix postulates a sense of a refined character in terms of dining category, their dishes are still relatable and comforting. They innovate and fusion various styles, but doesn’t go overboard and respect each element of flavor profile present in every meal.

Toyo Eatery: Our Country’s Culture on a Plate

Toyo Eatery: Our Country’s Culture on a Plate

[March 27, 2019] Toyo which means soy sauce in Tagalog. Why Toyo? Navarra sees it as a spirit condiment. People look at it as simple, its day-to-day. But there are a lot of layers and elements involved in making it. It is complex yet simple and that character truly represents what Toyo Eatery is all about.

Toyo opened its doors last March 2016 to rave reviews and is located at The Alley, a compound at Karrivin Plaza along Chino Roces.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


Chef Jordy Navarra’s clean technique was helmed both by his innate passion, talent and at the same time a true reflective work coming from his previous experiences at The Fat Duck in the UK and Bo Innovation in Hong Kong.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery

Subtlety of Fixtures

The restaurant has an open atmosphere which allows guests to enjoy Filipino hospitality in a contemporary setting. Complimented with locally sourced types of furniture; Diretso Acacia Tables, E. Murio rattan chairs, and capiz fixtures by Milo Naval. The warn local wood and items stood out so well against the polished concrete and basic interiors.


Fat Girls Day Out


The bar, by David Ong of the Curator, offers a selection of craft cocktails.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery

fat girls day out- toyo eatery

Food Essence and Philosophy

Toyo’s philosophy revolves around taking basic elements of Filipino flavor presenting it in a subtle way that strips basic elements to highlight the true essence of it.

They cook using wood and charcoal. Open fire, but in essence, keep the flavors clean that will lead to simplicity and easy to understand food.

Offerings and Price Point

Toyo’s offerings are best enjoyed through its tasting menus (P2,900 +++ per person) or its three-course set menu (P1,600 per person). A handful of dishes are available in à la carte. We decided to try first the 3-course meal.

(Disclaimer: We updated photos for their 2019 NEW 3 course meal items)


A complimentary bread basket. These are not your usual bread basket. Our particular favorite was the Tocino bread, a warm brioche with bits of tocino and onion.

(NEW) Chicken Liver with Caramel Corn

fat girls day out- toyo eatery

Tomato Merengue with Ginataang Langka

Fat Girls Day Out


This is a palate cleanser. Pick it up, put right in the center of your tongue and just wait for it to melt by itself.

Garden Vegetables

About a song that has a garden. Took all the 18 vegetables that they would sing the song. Eggplant and peanut the sprout was a mustard leaf. Incorporated into one cohesive albeit complex dish.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


It was considered by many as one of the most creative Filipino dishes to date. Apart from palatably translating the story of a small nipa hut surrounded by a garden filled with vegetables, the chef championed to employ Filipino ingredients – a movement that took its time to come to execute.

Burnt Kalabaza with Sea Urchin and Orange Kamote

They burn the squash until it’s really dark on the outside and then thy scoop out the inside and make a soup with it, they put sea urchins inside and on top they put crispy kamote (sweet potato) for added texture.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery
Try to get a bit of everything for your first taste


(NEW) Nilupak of Sweet Potato and Cassava with Grated Cashews topped with local sea urchin

This was a balancing act; a kiss of sweet and salty in one. We can still experience a bit of sweetness from the kamote, and a subtle briny taste from the uni.


fat girls day out- toyo eatery

(NEW) Kinilaw of Oyster with Gamet (seaweed from Ilocos), Kabayawa (citrus from Butuan), and Tabon-Tabon (local ingredient typically used in Kinilaw).



The three-cut pork BBQ

The three-cut pork BBQ plays on our classic and staple street fare that is the Pinoy BBQ by using three different cuts of pork (kasim, pigue, and liempo) brushed with reduced pork bone broth in a process that takes 12 hours to do. Cooked over wood and charcoal then served with coconut cider vinegar.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


The meat is tender, smoky and savory. Dip it in the coconut cider vinegar for most flavor. Served with Silog.  Chicharon, Toyo rice, garlic, and egg yolk.

Grilled Belly and Loin

Twist play on our classic Bangusilog. It’s ridiculous how perfectly the bangus (milkfish) was cooked perfectly. Served on a bed of spinach, while the silog’s sticky rice, raw egg, and crispy fish skin make for an exciting amalgam of flavors and textures.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


fat girls day out- toyo eatery

fat girls day out- toyo eatery

fat girls day out- toyo eatery



We had the Grilled Cassava cake over charcoal. Smokey and not too sweet. Delectable and simple preparation.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


The Dulce de Leche Chocolate with Patis was very interesting in terms of the use of ingredients and texture play.  Elements of sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness were present in each drop.


fat girls day out- toyo eatery


Pineapple and Smoked Coconut is made with layers of coconut cream mousse, pineapple gelée, pineapple granita, garnished with a cadena de amore flower. We were instructed to make sure to sink our spoons to the very bottom of the bowl, and get all layers as we dig in. Velvety, naturally sweet coconut cream hits you as it hits the tongue, followed by a subtle introduction of acid from the granita melting in your mouth, then the gelée helps marry in the coconut and pineapple together, similar to a piña colada, but more defined in flavor and very refreshing.


A fun and light approach to food and this mirroring is a reflection of the Filipino culture where we’re pretty hospitable and nice to visitors. The casual and candid approach, yet you see the technique and refined style applied to every dish.


Navarra’s Team

There’s a sense of family among them. When you see the way each one interacts with one another. Very confident and knowledgeable of what they are serving a true sense that all of them are very proud of their team’s output product.

A small detail that we notice as well as how they are championing to use Tagalog when they explain and share insights with the diners. No pretense.


Overall Story to Tell

Fine dining for the QUALITY  and NOT for the FORMALITY.

The staff made us feel relaxed and comfortable during our stay which adds up to the overall dining experience.

Chef Jordy Navarra and his team are doing things differently. They are challenging the status quo and offers something unique, familiar and yet refined to Manila’s dining scene.

Food that represents who we are and where we’re from. It’s a good way to understand Filipinos and Filipino food in general.


As of March 26, Toyo is now counted as among the best in Asia, according to an annual list curated and voted on by the industry’s top gourmets.

The 2018 Miele One To Watch Award recipient was ranked 43 in the 2019 list of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants, an annual event organized by William Reed Business Media.

The awards night took place at Wynn Palace in Macao late Tuesday, March 26.

We never give out CX rating of 5/5 of 5, but for Toyo Eatery we’re putting it out there.

Special cheers to our fellow taste chaser The Domestic Diva for sharing her inputs!

Toyo Eatery
2316 Chino Roces Ave.
1231 Metro Manila
+63 917 720 8630

Toyo Eatery Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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Izakaya Kikufuji really does serve authentic Japanese food. We cannot say that it is affordable- affordability is based on one’s concept of purchasing power of affordability. We believe the perfect term would be- GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY. Their price point is of great value to what they’ve been exchanging in return. Generous serving and quality of ingredients is their main key to success. A straightforward Izakaya who doesn’t play too much with their food.