Tapella: Flavors of San Sebastian

Tapella: Flavors of San Sebastian


Take your palette to the Basque region of Spain and head over to Tapella Bar and Restaurant. It’s a modern Spanish restaurant nestled within the confines of Greenbelt 5.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella


Tapella spearheads their food with influences from the Basque region while also taking influences from nearby neighboring countries.

Tapella has been around since 2009 and t can hold up to 160 guests and houses in a casual and laid-back ambiance. If you want a place to eat tapas with a good selection of wine, then Tapella bar and restaurant is the place to be.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella


Ingredients are sourced from Spain, Morocco, and locally where they are able to bring these parts together and bring life to Tapella.

Tapella is adorned with modern furnishing and hues of light and dark. They have an air-conditioned and al fresco dining options.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

On a quiet Saturday afternoon, we spent some time with Chef JP Ozamis who walked us through his creations and interesting stories behind every dish that was served to us.

One thing that we love Tapella is on how they meticulously curate and source their core ingredients such as the locally made chorizo that they use in their dishes.

FGDO Top Picks


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

Ensalada Meditarranea

A mix of various greens with olives, capers, and onions served with a side of in-house Caesar salad dressing.


Tuna Ceviche 

Chopped tuna pieces with a variety of peppers, onions and dressed in vinegar and lemon. Scoop some up and place into the shrimp crackers. Each bite is refreshing and addicting.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

El De Carne – Moroccan inspired Angus beef skewers

Tender beef served with a side of aioli. The rich flavor of Moroccan spices coming forth every bite.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

Carpaccio de Ternera 

Beef Tenderloin marinated with raw peppercorns frozen then served with olive oil, and manchego. The thinly sliced pieces of beef melt in your mouth.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella


Anchovy dosed with vinegar then topped with, garlic and olive oil.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

Chopitos Fritos

Deep fried baby squid served with an aioli sauce. Light, crisp, and perfect with the thick garlic sauce.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

Pote Gallego 

Chunks of pork, chorizo, and Galician beans. Perfect for after drinks.



Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella

Paella De Marisco 

An assortment of seafood topped on paella rice, don’t forget to squirt a bit of lemon for a more balanced taste.


Tortilla Abierta

An open-faced omelet topped with chorizo bits.

Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella


Fat Days Girl Out- Tapella

Arroz Sobrassada with herb sauce

Soft chorizo bits mixed in with the paella rice then topped with potato chips. Drizzle some of the herb sauce to really elevate the flavors


Fat Days Girl Out- Tapella

Pasta Con Chorizo

Homemade pasta topped with a tomato sauce and locally made chorizo. Al dente pasta absorbing the strong flavors of the chorizo to create a satisfying mouth full of this dish.

The  Chuleton Villagodio

Certified Angus Beef Prime Rib grilled Villagodio style.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tapella


The prime rib is served half cooked and finished on a clay plate seasoned with sea salt. Each bite is tasty and satisfying. The clay plates are sourced from Barcelona and it has slowly assimilated the taste of the salt and steak that has been cooked on it over time that it produces a bolder meatier flavor of the meat.




For their drink menu, they offer four kinds of Sangria:

  • Ronin – Their version of white Sangria, infused with Sake and topped with lychee.
  • Banzai – A light sangria infused with cucumber juice, sake, and topped with candied ginger.
  • Don Roberto – The Chef’s take on the classic red sangria with 24 hours marinated flambéed fruits.
  • Rico J – A red sangria named after one of the regulars at Tapella, infused with manzonilla sherry.

Each dish served by Chef JP was thoroughly explained. He shared with us the origin of each of the dishes, his inspirations, and where he sourced them. Their flavors familiar to every Filipino palette, yet each dish is refined with the use of Spanish and French techniques and ingredients that the Basque country is known for.

Tapella is a great place for date nights, family lunches or a nightcap with the girls.

Tapella Bar and Restaurant

  • Level 1, Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Greenbelt, Makati City
  • 02 7572710

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