Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon: Sorry Bourdain, Zubuchon is not the best roast pig ever.

Forget about Bourdain’s preference and let’s talk about Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon.

There have been many variations of this classic dish throughout the regions, what I’ll have today is the Cebu style boneless Lechon from Tatang’s. They are the only ones selling Lechon Cebu without the bones, the head, and torso of the pig so you get all the meat that you’ve been craving for.


The Lechon belly is roasted slowly and cooked over charcoal heat. The crispiness of its skin is one of the best features of roasted pork belly but the flavor and aroma are distinctive. You will distinctly taste spices and herbs particularly the combination of lemongrass, leeks, salt, pepper, and garlic as stuffing. The slow roasting method envelopes these flavors to the meat positioning it in a different ball game.


Juicy, flavorful, with crunchy bits of skin and lots of garlic. We have tried Zubuchon, Rico’s, CNT, and elsewhere in Cebu already. Don’t get me wrong they’re good, but this underrated place in BF Homes, Las Pinas. a 15-20 seater place with plastic tables and monoblock chairs is doing it so god damn right!  You can taste a bit of the chili and pepper but it doesn’t over power the pork taste. Then you top it with that crispy skin, it’s crunchy and not too much fat on it.

Generously stuffed with lemongrass, garlic, pepper, chili and other herbs
Storefront, BF Homes Las Pinas

The BF homes Las Pinas location is pretty hidden on the side street. Usually, they ran out of Lechon before 8-9pm so before parking your car make sure to ask quickly to their attendant if there are serving Lechon after 8pm.

Tatang’s Menu

Their service staff is very attentive and friendly. They will greet you upon entering the establishment. They serve the Lechon fast and hot.


We ordered the 1/4 Kilo plate which is just 205php serves 2-3 pax. You can pair it with their side of Sinigang soup and hot steaming rice.

Spicy Lechon Belly (1/4 kg), 205 PHP

Straight up goodness of the quality of pork meat, method of cooking and quality.

Value Meal 1/8 Lechon and Rice for 110php

Forget about Zubuchon, this underrated nook that sells Cebu style roast pig beats the knack out of your mainstream brands. Their no-frills approach to service and the quality beats out their other competitors with their affordable prices. A whopping 4 extra rice or even 4 extra garlic rice for Tatang’s.




Tatang’s Boneless Cebu Lechon 

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tatangscebu/
  • Address: 215 El Grande Corner Tropical Avenue, BF International, Las Piñas City, 0917-881-4421.
  • Photo credits: Tatang’s Lechon- South of Manila

Other Branches:

  • Better Living Paranaque (0917-834-4421)
  • Alabang Seaside Daang Hari (0917-114-4421)

Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com


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