Tendon Kohaku: Gives Us Another Bowl of Shrimp Tendon Please

Tendon Kohaku: Gives Us Another Bowl of Shrimp Tendon Please


Tendon Kohaku is a specialty tempura rice bowl restaurant that started the recent craze in Singapore that went viral due to more than hour-long queues. This concept restaurant is now here in the Philippines and the Fat Girls Day Out crew are pretty big fans of anything served Donburi style. We decided to stop by at around 6 pm to avoid the long lines during peak dinner hours.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tendon Kohaku


Theis concept restaurant was founded by Japanese restaurant group Kings Know Inc. with market presence in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and their new addition here in Manila. The Philippine franchise is by the UCC group who brought us the highly addicting Cheese ramen of Mitsuyado Sei-Men and Coco Ichibanya Curry.


Tendon Kohaku


Tendon, of course, is the concatenated word from Tempura (tempura) and Donburi (rice bowl dish) referring to poles apart tempura served over rice in a bowl, while Kohaku means “amber” in Japanese, which envoys the color of their hot and newly cooked tempura. Cooked perfectly- crispy with their golden batter and their addicting amber-colored sauce.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tendon Kohaku
Semi-Open Kitchen Concept


They embrace the ‘Open Kitchen’ concept for full transparency and as a stage to view the flames, steam, and clattering in the kitchen as part of the whole dining experience.

Tendon Kohaku’s secret lies in the mixture of what goes into their tempura: fresh ingredients, Black Tiger Prawns coated in a light, palatable tempura batter that’s cooked to a crispy amber. Pooled together with their in-house secret sauce, it gives their tempura a flavor profile unlike any you’ve ever tasted.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tendon Kohaku
Shrimp Tendon Set (450php)


8 pcs of black tiger prawns tempura for Php450 + service charge.  It can actually be shared by two, just order one more cup of rice. And maybe ask for an additional side of their special sauce.


Fat Girls Day Out- Tendon Kohaku
Kimchi Omelette with Cheese


All their tendon bowls come with miso soup and pickled yuzu radish to complete your dining experience. Looking to go healthy? Upgrade your white rice for their Kohaku Multi-grain rice for additional 30php.

Right now they are getting bad rep for;

  • Price point being too expensive
  • Batter being ‘too hard’

Our take on their price is that ‘we always get what we pay for‘. Don’t expect Tokyo Tokyo price level and still get a bowl of Japanese rice, large tiger prawns and the wait staff who will proactively fill your Japanese cold teacup. The tempura batter is hard, well for us it wasn’t. The prawn needs that certain kind of structure yet crunchy when you bit into it to muster the special coating of their sauce to avoid every piece of tempura to be soggy.  As we always say; “To each his own”. As for the Fat Girls Day Out team, we’ll be back to have another round of their wonderful tempura.

With a lot of international franchises coming into the country who over promise consistency and extraordinary taste, yet a few have failed to deliver. Tendon Kohaku seems that they are doing something right- Spot on service, quality of ingredients and delicious rice meals.

Our CX Rating


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3/F Uptown Mall, 36th Street Corner 9th Avenue, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Operating Hours: Sunday-Thursdays: 11.00 AM – 10.00 PM, Friday – Saturday: 11.00 AM – 11.00 PM
Telephone: +632 838-2476

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