The Wholesome Table: Going Organic? 

The Wholesome Table: Going Organic? 


The Wholesome Table is actually the first Organic restaurant that I’ve tried. This farm to table establishment sources its products from local producers and farmers bringing you the freshest possible ingredients for your food. Sadly, it took us an hour to get seated. The tables outside are just a waiting area, so you just have to wait to be seated inside which can take up anywhere from 1-2 hours. When you enter, you will notice right away the indoor trees and the buckwheat centrepieces on each of the tables. The dim lighting, comfortable seating, chalkboard menu and overall ambiance captures the imagination. It makes you feel like your in a posh farm.

The first thing they do when you get seated is bring you a basket of potato buns. They’ll still warm and very good with the butter. It’s moist at the center. Best thing after waiting to get a table.

Chicken Dukkah Salad

Delicious combination of romaine with squash, tomatoes onions, cucumbers, crumbled feta cheese topped with vinaigrette. It was okay, nothing extraordinary.


Burrata cheese topped with grape tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Served with sourdough bread. I didn’t really enjoy the texture of this dish, it was like cottage cheese. And I felt like the cheese was more like ricotta than burrata. The presentation was nice though.


I have to say the pesto pasta was different from the pesto I usually have in other restaurants. They use more basil and less garlic. And it’s actually light to eat although filling.

Buddha Bowl

Surprisingly the best thing I had here at The Wholesome Table. It fuses vegetables with red curry sauce and they add peanut brittle to contrast the spicy flavour of the curry. It’s literally a picnic in your mouth. I recommend that you order this when you visit here.

Grass-fed Beef Burger

One of the best burgers I’ve had and it’s organic. The patty was so juicy I felt like there was butter at the centre that made it so flavourful. Topped with lettuce, onions, and tomatoes. Definitely one of their best dishes here.


Two big chunky slices of meatloaf. I was actually expecting two small slices but I was overwhelmed when this reached our table. The meatloaf is very flavourful resembling the taste of sausage. The Mash potatoes were very creamy and light. And the gravy was okay. Not my favourite dish because I think its too heavy but a must try for meat lovers.


Kid’s Menu: Make Your Own Pizza 
My sister ordered the Make Your Own Pizza. It was such a nice idea for kids since they bring there the uncooked dough, tomato sauce, and the cheese. And it’s up to the kid what ingredients they want to add. After baking it, the dough was crunchy but the pizza was nothing great.

Brown Rice Risotto

A decent try to use brown rice to make risotto. But if you’re used to the creamy risotto in your typical italian restaurants you will be disappointed. It tasted more like milky oatmeal more than anything else. I’m guessing brown rice is just not equipped to absorb the cream and stock that goes into the staple risotto.

Chicken Masala

Not your typical chicken masala. I expected more of its indian version as oppose to this one. It was too sweet but the vegetables were cooked perfectly. The only downside was this was served well at the end of the meal that we didn’t really have the chance to enjoy it.

Verdict: If this is the kind of food that you get from going organic then I have to say that more people should try it. The downside is it really is more expensive that its counterpart. But if you’re trying to go healthy this is definitely a good choice for a meal. The service could have been better though but it seemed they were a bit understaffed.

We give The Wholesome Table a 3 rice rating! Definitely a place to come back to, when you want to start eating healthy.


For more information:
The Wholesome Table 
Address: 30th, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines


Open today · 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM


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