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Today X Future reminds me of a blind date. You don’t know how he looks like, what he sounds like, unknowingly curious about his personality. Hearing about him with your chatty friends or thru the use if the internet, you still have a vague indication of who he really is leaving you intrigued. So you dress up, put on your makeup, scared yet prepared for what may come. The date opens you to discover someone you couldn’t have fathom or dreamed up, the kind that leaves you smitten and anxious because you do not know what will happen to your encounter.

Today X Future takes your expectation and throws it in the trashcan and gives you something better and weirdly satisfying at the same time.

An old mac (instagram @todayxfuture)

Smacked in the middle of 2 pawnshops in General Malvar Ave. in Cubao City. It is a hole in the wall concept bar and one of the most unique bars you’d see in Metro Manila. It’s small, dark, cramped up, lit by cheap led Christmas lights and its iconic 70’s disco ball.


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(instagram @todayxfuture)

The entirety idea of it or the premise of its existence is that it is a secret bar from the future that has a silo of all memorabilia and trinkets that we all know from the past. Vinyl, old books, tube old TV sets. All corners are like an art install on its own. It has limited space making the music that is being played so intense and bloodstream felt. They do live bands, vinyl DJ sets, Techno-whizzed lined ups and other random music activities. The place can get really packed during weekends and if there are special acts performing. There are monoblocks available outside though so you may opt to lounge outside and have your beer and pulutan on the side streets.

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(instagram @todayxfuture)

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Gen X to Millenials all go here mostly the too cool to be branded as a hipster or even a scenester. Painters, poets, composers, OPM legends all hang and grab a Pale Pilsen sharing industry stories loosely hanging out on the curbside.


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(instagram @todayxfuture)


Future is pretty proud of its cocktails and I can safely vouch for their local rum and coke. Although they priced their liquors cheaply, but they mean serious business when it hits you. They have a good selection of reasonably priced food like their Tuna Tartare, Pizza, Sashimi or their Tokwa’t Baboy.

(instagram @todayxfuture)


On a night you’d want to dance or even attempt to 80’s-early 90’s old school hip hop and another night, the DJ might bring out a QUEEN classic like “We Will Rock You” You” and deftly mix that with an old OPM disco song. The crowd is slightly skewed differently each night, rowdy, tame or even nonchalant patrons on Tuesday Jazz Nights. One thing that doesn’t seem to change is how Future is always open until 4 am, the waiter says proudly and even on Holy Week at times.

Bathroom art

I place this bar in a separate secluded universe on its own comparable to none.

P.S It’s LGBTQ- Friendly.

Today x Future

BAR+RESTO+MUSIC+ART+BOOKS +639285209102 +639499185800 7-T Gen. Malvar St., Araneta Cntr, Cubao, QC, Manila Philippines

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