Tomatito: Are You Sexy Enough? 

Tomatito: Are You Sexy Enough? 


Hidden beneath the tall office buildings around Bonifacio Global City  you see this warm glow of red lights in the distance as you pass by Tomatito. The red hue’s meant to awaken a need, drawing in unsuspecting customers. Like a bug attracted to light we are pulled in.

You think to yourself, what is this place? You see the dim lights, leather seats surrounding small tables, locals and foreigners alike flock to this spot.


So what is Tomatito?

Tomatito got its name from famous Spanish Flamenco guitarist José Fernández Torres, who was also known as Tomatito. As Tomatito as the namesake, you can see the flamenco influence with the costumes and props on one of the walls.

The interior design of the whole restaurant is red, seductive, and funky chic. This new tapas bar is the fun energetic brother of Las Flores. At night, lights will be dimmer and red neon lights becomes stronger as it turns into a bar.

Salmon TNT 595php

One of their best sellers is the Salmon TNT, to eat this the waitress recommended to use two fingers and a thumb. You then proceed to swallow it whole, once you bite into it the honey and truffle flavor explodes in your mouth and the Salmon takes a back seat while bringing everything together. It’s aromatic, sweet, salty and crunchy.

Filete con airbag, 325 PHP

Another one of their popular tapas is the Filete con Airbag, this dish is a hollow baguette filled with cheese then wrapped with thinly sliced tenderloin steak. I really liked the cheese flavor as it burst out when I bit into it. What I didn’t like, however, was that the tenderloin steak was too rare. Perhaps it would be better if it was cooked to medium rare instead.

Crabs on Toast

The Crab on toast is an off menu item. It was okay but to be frank, probably keep it off the menu.

Sopa de Mercado, 140 PHP

The pureed pumpkin soup topped with truffle oil and croutons is a great starter to your meal. It’s very creamy and well balanced.

Solo Militia al Ajillo, 395 PHP

The thinly sliced beef cooked in garlic. Tender, succulent and juicy. Presented on top of starchy marble potatoes.

Paella Valenciana, 795 PHP

They serve the hot paellera right on your table, with 3 lemons and a side of aioli. I really like how hot the rice is that it created this film burnt rice underneath the paella adding a hint of crunch complementing the texture of the dish. This was really tasty however, it seemed to lack topping and was actually good for only 2 hungry people. Try adding the aioli for even more flavor.

Secrets Iberico con romesco y esparragos, 980 PHP

Now this Iberico pork dish is probably my favorite. Perfectly cooked, tender and flavorful.

Iberico pigs are special as there are standards in Spain on how the animal should be raised. It only feeds on wild thyme, rosemary, mushrooms, and most significantly, acorns. It’s this ancient and completely natural diet and Pata Negra’s own genetic ability to store fat inside of, not just around muscle tissue, that produces its uniquely tender, rich, rosy meat that is delicate, nutty, with melt-in-your-mouth marbling.

Every bite is a tender tap on your shoulder telling you that you deserve this meal because you’ve been working hard all day.

Picho Moruno, 415 PHP

The lamb in this dish was also excellent. It was tender and succulent, the flavors were not overpowering each other. Perfectly complemented with their side of fries.

Las Locuras de Carlos 695php

How do I capture this dessert platter? It was crunchy, cold, soft, chocolate-ty, sour, creamy, nutty, and gooey, all at the same time. Each element of the dish represented a different flavor, texture or temperature. It was a literal party in my mouth every time I had a bite, it was a different flavor I would taste. Texture and Balance in unison.

Tomatito brings you excitement, fervor, and adrenaline. With each new dish served, a new adventure springs forth. Chef Willy really knows how to keep you on edge with each dish. The ambiance and the service are also excellent.


Do yourself a favor and order their Sangria, you don’t realize that it hits hard and fast.


4 extra rice

TOMATITO Sexy Tapas Bar

G/F BGC Corporate Center, 30th St. cor 11th Ave, BGC, Taguig City
Telephone: +632 805-7840
Mobile: +63 915 588-4803


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