Toyo Eatery: Our Country’s Culture on a Plate

Toyo which means soy sauce in Tagalog. Why Toyo? Navarra sees it as a spirit condiment. People look at it as simple, its day-to-day. But there are a lot of layers and elements involved in making it. Its complex yet simple and that character truly represents what Toyo Eatery is all about.

Toyo opened its doors last March 2016 to rave reviews and is located at The Alley, a compound at Karrivin Plaza along Chino Roces.

Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


Chef Jordy Navarra’s clean technique was helmed both by his innate passion, talent and at the same time a true reflective work coming from his previous experiences at The Fat Duck in the UK and Bo Innovation in Hong Kong.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


Miele One to Watch Award- Asia 2018

The recent winner of this award gave additional validation to the what Toyo Eatery has been doing for just two years.


They take inspiration from the rural style. Very ingredient based, apply techniques to it to make it different from the everyday.

Subtlety of Fixtures

The restaurant has an open atmosphere which allows guests to enjoy Filipino hospitality in a contemporary setting. Complimented with locally sourced types of furniture; Diretso Acacia Tables, E. Murio rattan chairs, and capiz fixtures by Milo Naval. The warn local wood and items stood out so well against the polished concrete and basic interiors.


Fat Girls Day Out


The bar, by David Ong of the Curator, offers a selection of craft cocktails.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery

Food Essence and Philosophy

Toyo’s philosophy revolves around taking basic elements of Filipino flavor presenting it in a subtle way that strips basic elements to highlight the true essence of it.

They cook using wood and charcoal. Open fire, but in essence, keep the flavors clean that will lead to simplicity and easy to understand food.


The Food

Toyo’s offerings are best enjoyed through its tasting menus (P2,900 +++ per person) or its three-course set menu (P1,000 per person). A handful of dishes are available in à la carte. We decided to try first the 3-course meal for our first visit.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery
The aperitif while waiting for our course meal to be served.


A complimentary bread basket. These are not your usual bread basket. Our particular favorite was the Tocino bread, a warm brioche with bits of tocino and onion.



Tomato Merengue with Ginataang Langka

Fat Girls Day Out


This is a palate cleanser. Pick it up, put right in the center of your tongue and just wait for it to melt by itself.

Garden Vegetables

About a song that has a garden. Took all the 18 vegetables that they would sing the song. Eggplant and peanut the sprout was a mustard leaf. Incorporated into one cohesive albeit complex dish.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


It was considered by many as one of the most creative Filipino dishes to date. Apart from palatably translating the story of a small nipa hut surrounded by a garden filled with vegetables, the chef championed to employ of Filipino ingredients – a movement that took its time to come to execute.

Burnt Kalabaza with Sea Urchin and Orange Kamote

They burn the squash until it’s really dark on the outside and then thy scoop out the inside and make a soup with it, they put sea urchins inside and on top they put crispy kamote (sweet potato) for added texture.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


Try to get a bit of everything for your first taste.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


The three-cut pork BBQ

The three-cut pork BBQ plays on our classic and staple street fare that is the Pinoy BBQ by using three different cuts of pork (kasim, pigue, and liempo) brushed with reduced pork bone broth in a process that takes 12 hours to do. Cooked over wood and charcoal then served with coconut cider vinegar.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


The meat is tender, smoky and savory. Dip it in the coconut cider vinegar for maximum flavor. Served with Silog.  Chicharon, Toyo rice, garlic and egg yolk.

Grilled Belly and Loin

Twist play on our classic Bangusilog. It’s ridiculous how perfectly the bangus (milkfish) was cooked. Served on a bed of spinach, while the silog’s sticky rice, raw egg, and crispy fish skin make for an exciting amalgam of flavors and textures.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery



We had the Grilled Cassava cake over charcoal. Smokey and not too sweet. Delectable and simple preparation.


Fat Girls Day Out- Toyo Eatery


The Dulce de Leche Chocolate with Patis was very interesting in terms of use of ingredients and texture play.  Elements of sweetness, bitterness, and saltiness were present in each drop.


A fun and light approach to food and this mirroring is a reflection of the Filipino culture where we’re pretty hospitable and nice to visitors. The casual and candid approach, yet you see the technique and refined style applied to every dish.


Navarra’s Team

There’s a sense of family amongst them. When you observe the way each one interacts with one another. Very confident and knowledgeable of what they are serving a true sense that all of them are very proud of their team’s output product.

A small detail that we notice as well as how they are championing to use Tagalog when they explain and share insights with the diners. No pretense.


Overall Story to Tell

A fine dining for the QUALITY  and NOT for the FORMALITY.

The staff made us feel relaxed and comfortable during our stay which adds up to the overall dining experience.

Chef Jordy Navarra and his team are doing things differently. They are challenging the status quo and offers something unique, familiar and yet refined to Manila’s dining scene.

Food that represents who we are and where we’re from. It’s a good way to understand Filipinos and Filipino food in general.

We never give out CX rating of 5/5 of 5, but for Toyo Eatery we’re putting it out there.

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Toyo Eatery
2316 Chino Roces Ave.
1231 Metro Manila
+63 917 720 8630

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