UMU Japanese Restaurant: Excellence and Opulence

UMU Japanese Restaurant: Excellence and Opulence


Behind the grand doors of the Dusit Thani Hotel lies a secret. Go past the lobby, and by the entrance of the Pantry entrance and peek thru the Japanese garden enclosed within. Beautiful greenery, orchids, and structured landscapes that make for a memorable view. The first time we visited, we couldn’t help but sit down and be awed of the tranquility.

Fat Girls Day Out- Umu
Photo: Dusit Thani

The Japanese aesthetic is based on a set of ancient ideals that include wabi (transient, rustic, and stark beauty), sabi (the appreciation of something old or aged), and yūgen (profound grace,subtlety and mysterious beauty). These ideals, and others, underpin much of Japanese cultural and aesthetic norms on what is considered tasteful or beautiful.

Located in Dusit Thani Hotel, UMU portrays the three Japanese ideals of wabi, sabi, and yugen in their restaurant. A wide area that is surrounded by Dark wood, tatami mats, and colorful floral patterns. Every element in the restaurant portrays a rustic elegance that has won for their superior design and aesthetics. Marvel the beauty of their set up and be transported into another world right in Dusit Thani Hotel.

Fat Girls Day Out- Umu
Photo: Dusit Thani

UMU uses only the finest ingredients and the most authentic recipes. They have a wide array of dishes with several cooking stations, private rooms, and an al fresco dining area in view of their koi pond and exquisite garden.

Each station is straight forward, simple, they provide you with a selection using quality ingredients.



Fresh thick slices of Salmon and Tuna Sashimi that melts in your mouth. Add a dab of wasabi and soy sauce to deepen the flavor of the fish. Their makis were full of assorted seafood and vegetables rolled with Japanese rice and nori.


Thin slices of angus beef topped on a warm broth that’s slightly sweet but brimming with beef flavors. The scallions perfectly cutting the sweet taste and the raw egg and tofu adding texture to the dish.


Each piece if their tempura is covered in a golden tempura batter. Crispy and enticing when you dip into their tempura sauce. Perfect with white Japanese rice.


Watch as the chef expertly slices, dices, and cooks delectable pieces of seafood and meat. Our favorite was the rib eye, perfectly seasoned with salt and pepper with a finish of miso butter sauce.




Each stop was a mixture of varying aromas, heat, and exhibition. With each individual ways of cooking and preparing the food. This is one reason why we believe Japanese food is special. Sabi, wabi, and yūgen ever present from the aesthetic to their practices. Carefully curated ingredients prepared using perfected techniques that produce simple yet, heart warming traditional Japanese dishes.


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Fat Girls Day Out- Umu

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UMU Japanese Restaurant

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