Urameshi-ya Revisited: Don’t give your 550php, There’s a Better Option Don’t Worry.

Urameshi-ya Revisited: Don’t give your 550php, There’s a Better Option Don’t Worry.


In our previous post around 2 years ago, we talked about how worthwhile the surf and turf buffet at Urameshi-ya was. Every once in awhile we re-visit restaurants that we have a high extra rice rating of 4 and above to make sure that they are consistent in terms of these seven (7) categories:

We apply the principle of total Customer Experience or CX. – A product or service of an organization and its interaction with its customers over the duration of their relationship. 

From the moment you enter the restaurant until you ask for the cheque.

Elements and Principles of considerations are:

  1. Ambiance
  2. Customer Service
  3. Food Quality (sourced ingredients)
  4. Food Flavor
  5. Variety of available in the menu
  6. Facilities, Ergonomics
  7. Price; Does it give value to your money? Whether expensive or cheap.

In a recent visit, we discovered how things have changed.

1. Quality of Meat

Fat Girls Day Out- Uremishiya

We ordered the wagyu cubes, shrimp, beef with garlic, scallops, and yakitori skewers.

Fat Girls Day Out- Uremishiya

BEFORE (2015)

Fat Girls Day Out- Uremishiya

NOW (2017)

The Wagyu cubes that used to be at-least 1×1 square inch are now randomly cut up pieces of meat. Some are thin, some are thick, but mostly uneven pieces.

Fat Girls Day Out- Uremishiya

The frozen shrimps were huge, but it takes a long time to cook since their frozen.

Fat Girls Day Out- Uremishiya

For the scallops, our server told us she’ll be the one to cook only to bring it back 5 minutes before our time was up.

It seems that the quality of their buffet has greatly fallen since our last visit. One of the reasons why we loved going back was because of the good cuts of meat and seafood for the affordable price. After our meal, it was just disappointing.

2. It’s not worth the wait

There seems to be no system in place, there were several customers who called in advance or signed up then left the line and expected to be prioritized while there was still a long line outside. There should be clear rules so that everyone has the same expectation. A waiting time of 1-2 hours is not justifiable for 45 minutes of cooking/eating allocated time.

3. Hostile Staff

From the moment you ask them to add your name to the waitlist, to the time you get seated. The staff seems to be in a daze, and makes you feel like serving you is such a hassle. When you ask for items you need to do so several times, and when you do they check your time before even accommodating you. Then come back 10 minutes later on consuming your precious 45 minutes.

We don’t understand why they treat customers poorly, and in an untimely manner. This needs to be addressed.

4. Air Quality


No proper venitilation inside the restaurant which makes visibility and comforatability a struggle.

5. Charcoal is not the same

They don’t use the same Japanese charcoal that they used to. Our server herself told us that the charcoal was bad. The charcoal took very long to cook our food and we could only start eating after 20 minutes considering it was thin slices of meat, the heat was also not evenly spread over the grill.

Our advice is to skip the buffet and order their ala carte choices for better quality of meats.

For the famous unlimited meals, we are giving Urameshi-Ya 2 extra rice rating. Find out about or CX (customer experience rating here)

We try to be objective with injecting the 7 elements for CX rating. We hope this article helps and saves you money should you want to try their unlimited Yakiniku.

Here’s a better alternative that offers the same price range, but way better quality which is Tajimaya

Read our original 2015 post here.


  • Address: Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City
  • Operating Hours: Open daily from 5 pm – 1 am
  • Contact Number: 02 894 3915


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