Urameshi-ya Yakiniku: 500 PHP for unlimited wagyu cubes from Monday-Wednesday 

Urameshi-ya Yakiniku: 500 PHP for unlimited wagyu cubes from Monday-Wednesday 



I can still remember the first time I tried Urameshi-ya. I was brought there on a date, unknown to my partner that I was a certified yakiniku monster. I just love the stuff, and my favorite yakiniku restaurant Mori-Mori in Alabang Town Center which closed down for unknown reasons. So I was on the prowl for the next best thing, that would take me back to those glorious yakiniku days. (I don’t care if you smell like food after), but let’s just say every special event (Graduation, Birthday, Winning Games) was celebrated with Yakiniku. When you come over to Urameshi-ya, you have a choice to sit inside or outside. I suggest taking a table outside, aside from the al fresco ambiance, it makes it easier to cross order between restaurants ex. Hana for Takoyaki, Sashimi from Nodasho or Oishinbo, and its much cooler since the exhaust inside the restaurant is not that good. This is one of the reasons why I love Little Tokyo, you can cross order between restaurants and get the best of everything.


The thing about yakiniku though is that you’re only as good as your sauce, and indeed Urameshi-ya has the BEST sauce I have ever tried. You can ask the servers to make it for you but it really depends on your taste. I like my yakiniku sauce with TONS of garlic, a small amount of the chili paste drowned in that sauce from the gods. Honestly, I love this sauce so much that sometimes I just add the sauce to the piping hot japanese rice. And it may seem gross to others but I love it when I can taste the garlic even after the meal reminding me of that last yakiniku encounter.


Yakiniku Sauce
I’ve been here more times I can count but the best meal they serve to date is the Wagyu Tokutoku Set (this will set you back a bit since its quite expensive but worth it), which comes with prime cuts of wagyu beef, pork, and tongue. You will want to order a cup of rice for this.

Wagyu Tokotoku Set

Insider Tip:
 Make a separate dipping sauce for raw meat. Best eaten when you dip the raw beef slice on your yakiniku sauce and char the meat on the grill as it sizzles absorbing the delicious sauce. When I take the beef from the grill I immediately put it on top of my japanese rice and get all that char on my rice for even more flavor. UMAMI!!  
Unlimited Surf and Turf Yakiniku Buffet
Another thing to come here for is their weekday buffet with comes with unlimited serving of wagyu cubes, king crab claws, shrimp, scallops, oysters, and several cuts of marinated beef and pork for only 500 PHP. Make sure to come early and only on Monday to Wednesday since they don’t offer this on other days of the week. Also, make sure you get everything you want early on since they limit the buffet to 45 min. per person. Insider Tip: Don’t forget to tell them to serve your soup, salad and rice (you get one free refill, make use of it!)

The wagyu cubes are frozen so make sure to cook them thoroughly. As much as, I love wagyu, I can only eat so much of this. Another tip is to ask them to give you salt and pepper, so you can season it how you like. (This is similar to the gyukushi served in Izakaya Kikufuji but 3 cubes will cost you 120PHP).

Every time I visit Urameshi-ya, my mouth always water, every time I see meat sizzling and the sauce flowing. Yes, the place is a bit dirty, but in my opinion it is the best yakiniku restaurant in town. This is THE place to go when you have those days when you just gotta have some MEAT! Order it with some warm sake and were in business!

4 extra rice
Address: Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Legaspi Village, Makati City

Operating Hours: Open daily from 5pm – 1am
Contact Number: 02 894 3915


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