I am not really a fan of Italian food. I guess it’s because I’ve never tried what “real” Italian food tasted like. I never knew what the difference was between store-bought dry pasta to fresh handmade pasta. Trying Va Bene Pasta Deli for the first time is like having your first orgasm. You never knew that it could be THAT good.

This was the catalyst for my love affair with pasta.

The moment you enter the restaurant, you will notice the casual vibe in this restaurant. The countless number of foreigners and locals alike flock to this place and it really gets busy at times. Now, busy can sometimes mean annoying as it is a small space for a large number of people. The seating is pretty close together so it can get a bit claustrophobic at times.

At the start of the meal, they serve you heated bread and homemade salsa made with tomatoes, olive oil, Parmesan cheese, capers, and olives. Simple yet delicious. I couldn’t help but ask for more. It’s free so the more the merrier!


Burrata, 550 PHP

First thing, that arrived was the Burrata, with two-way tomatoes, EVOO, and a side salad. The cheese matched perfectly with the sweet tomatoes, the tangy vinaigrette dressing. Every bite filled with that cheesy goodness that was even more highlighted by the sweet-sour tang of the other elements of the dish. Definitely, a must try!


Arugula Salad, 540 PHP


Next in my Italian escape was the Arugula salad with roasted onions, caramelized apple glazed with balsamic dressing and topped with Parma ham. I just love Parma ham, and the contrast between the distinct taste of the arugula with the ham is heavenly. One of my staple dishes when I’m in Va Bene Pasta Deli.

Tajini Pasta, 490 PHP


For every branch, they have different specials available, here in BGC, they were highlighting their Truffles specials, so it was a must try for me.

I had the Tajini Pasta from Piemonte, Parma Ham (I LOVE THIS!), butter, 5 min egg, parmesan fondue topped with fresh truffles.  In any of the pasta dishes I’ve had here, regardless of the sauce, the taste and texture of the pasta is always the star. Not too much sauce but enough to coat and elevate the pasta to the next level. You can smell the strong aroma of the truffles that are coaxed into the pasta. In one word, divine.


Fat Girls Day Out- Va Benne
Black Ink Tagliolini, 440 PHP

This dish is the Black Ink Tagliolini with mixed seafood, marinara, and a light tomato cream sauce. I was so interested when the other table had this, I had to try it. Although also good, I preferred their cream based pasta.

Fat Girls Day Out- Va Benne
off the menu: Oil-based seafood pasta
Fat Girls Day Out- Va Benne
Organic Egg Tagliatelle, 440 PHP

This is my favorite Pasta dish in Va Bene Pasta Deli, the Organic Eggs Tagliatelle with portobello mushrooms, white wine cream sauce, and truffle oil (440PHP). I really like truffles. The uneven cuts of the pasta, makes you feel like the noodles are fresh, that it’s actually the star of the dish. The rich creamy white wine sauce and mushrooms take it to an even higher notch that even when you are already full, you want the taste to linger on your tongue.

From the first visit to my last visit here in Va Bene Pasta Deli, they have never disappointed me with their quality of food and service. I no longer look for another Italian Restaurant when I have my Pasta cravings. For those who are still in the search for great fresh pasta, THIS IS IT. Once you have it, you won’t go back.



Va Bene Pasta Deli

  • Makati: 2nd Floor, Petron Gas Station, EDSA Corner Pasay Road, Dasmarinas Village, Makati City, Metro Manila
  • Taguig: 3rd Floor Central Square Mall, BGC Fort


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