VAR Live PH: Ready To Whack Some Zombies?

VAR Live PH: Ready To Whack Some Zombies?


Are you a fan of walking dead? Counterstrike? or even plants vs zombies? These games are based on first-person shooting and how many times do we imagine, what if we were part of this world, will we survive?

Growing up in the 90’s era, we’ve been immersed in the coming of these video game consoles from the Family computer, the Nintendo Game Boy, and the Sony Playstation. Later on, we would have a communal place to play games with Powerstation and Timezone. While these experiences were integral to our childhood memories, we can’t still really say that we were “part” of the game.

Now imagine being part of that world, and actually, get to shoot and kill some zombies, will you freeze? will you get overwhelmed? or will you defeat them all?


The Fat Girls Day Out crew went over to S Maison in Pasay City to check out VAR Live Experience.


var live


First things first, which game to play? They have a different set of games for kids and adults alike, to start, we opted to try the kiddie games just to get used to the virtual reality experience.


var live ph


For this opportunity, we played the Wilding War. Here is a breakdown of the experience. The first thing you do is sign up for the game in the registration area where they will lead you to a room to wait for your turn. Once your game is called you are brought into a briefing room where they explain to you the mechanics of the game and how it works. Finally, they lead you into a spacious room that lets each person move 360 degrees. They fit you with the weapon for your game selected and the headgear for the game.


Var live
Lemuel Dineros, Manager of Ops for VAR LIve PH showing us these badass close-to-real arsenals


At all times, there is a staff member who is there that will guide you throughout the game.

When the glasses are on it brings you to another world, literally. The object of the game is to defeat the wildings that are invading your village and your weapon of choice is a bow and arrow.

Bianca’s POV 

When I look forward, I see a village filled with wooden houses and 3 different entrances where the attack will come from. The wildlings attack you from your front, your left, your right, and even from the sky. I didn’t realize that you had to coordinate with your teammate on where you had to face so that you have all bases covered and are able to delay the invasion.


VAR live


When the game started, it was pretty easy to control the weapons. The invasion starts slowly at first, sort of like, Plants VS Zombies, and it gets harder, more wildings inside, they come from all sides. Basically, you are alive as long as one of your teammates is alive you get to regenerate.

The game lasted for over 15 minutes, and it was pretty exhilarating to be right in the middle of the battle even if we lost to the Wildings.


VAR live ph


Now that we were able to try the kiddie version of the VAR Experience, we were now ready to take on the zombies. They have 3 different zombie games to try being Zombie Jail I, II, and No mercy.

We were able to try Zombie Jail I and II. The experience here is different for each of the different versions of the game, it depends on the difficulty and also location. So first thing about the Zombie game, pick your weapon. Choose between a machine gun, a pistol, and a shotgun. Each of the different weapons is actually quite heavy and can be a bit difficult to handle mid-game.

Bianca’s POV 

Zombie Jail I 

Imagine Walking Dead season 3, when they are in prison. You are trapped in a prison with no way out, zombies are coming towards you from the end of the hallway, as well as, on your sides. I opted to use the machine gun. To be honest, this was pretty scary since the zombies can be really fast in getting to you and sometimes you panic coz you didn’t reload your bullets properly or you run out of bullets. In true zombie fashion, some of them are faster, some are crawling on your feet, and some are even falling from above. It’s an adrenaline rush although out.

Zombie Jail II

Zombie Jail II has a different setting, here we’ve already managed to escape the jail on the back of a truck. And while the truck is driving away, you have a horde of zombies trying to catch up to the truck aside from that, the only light you have comes from the flashlight on your gun. Zombies are coming from all sides, so I easily got flustered when the staff tapped my shoulder. This is live-action at its best.


VAR Live definitely brings the live-action virtual reality gaming experience to another level. From the various selection of games. from kiddie to adult to even horror. Gamers are able to experience a various range of games that you can try in each visit. It’s for those who want to try living their favorite shows live, and experience the action first hand.

Is it worth it?

YES! It’s a new experience that’s a must-try for gamers and adventure seekers alike!



VAR Live is a franchise from a leading gaming company from Taiwan which is known for game development. They have over 3 branches in Metro Manila in Mega Mall, Festival Mall, S Maison, and the soon to open at the 4th level of Mall of Asia Branch (biggest branch).

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