Wicked Treats : How to make a Caprese Salad

My cousin was the first one to introduce me to a Caprese Salad, during her travel in Italy, she basically ate that the whole time they were there at every meal. So she got interested and learned how to make it that, on our trip in the US, since there are a lot of fresh ingredients available there she made it for us everyday. She loved it THAT much. I want to share with you my version of the salad.

How to make a Caprese Salad Bites?

What you need:

  • Fresh Bufalo Mozzarella Cheese (You can buy this in Santi’s, Rustan’s Supermarket, South Supermarket, or Metro Supermarket. Insider Tip: You can use any kind of mozzarella but the best one is the fresh one usually sold in brine water in a container)
  • Cherry Tomatoes / Tomatoes
  • Fresh Basil leaves  
  • Olive Oil
  • Sea Salt
  • a dash of pepper

 * Quantity usually depends on how much mozzarella you have.


  1. Remove the mozzarella from the brine and slice each ball into 3 equal pieces (you can make it smaller but i find this is the best proportion so you get a lot of the milky fresh godliness of the mozzarella)
  2. Slice the tomatoes into about 1/4 inch each, then prepare the basil leaves by removing it in their stems.
  3. Assembly: Find a clean platter and put the tomato slices face down, then you add the slices of mozzarella on each of the tomato slices. (if you are using cherry tomatoes you can add the halved slices on top of the mozzarella instead) Place one basil leaf on each of the sliders.
  4. Now that you have your bites, its time to season it, drizzle olive oil on each of the bite size caprese salad, then add a dash of salt and pepper on each of them.
  5. Serve and enjoy.

Photo by:Paula Ferrer