Xocolat (New Location): Reunited with our chocolate soulmate

Xocolat (New Location): Reunited with our chocolate soulmate


Starting as a place that serves hot chocolate, Xocolat quickly evolved from a drinks place to serving sandwiches and pasta and now to a full-blown restaurant. They maintained their mantra of serving chocolate not just in liquid form but found a way to incorporate it into their staple dishes.

The best hot chocolate in Metro Manila (in my own opinion)  will always be from Xocolat. The Taza de Xocolat is an iconic beverage for their patrons for more than 12 years.

fat girls day out- Xocolat


Pinky Ortiz, Rina Avecilla, and Valerie Lopez, Xocolat have been providing Filipino chocolate junkies with their fix since 2006.



While I miss the eclectic chocolaterie indie vibe from their old location, their new location looks pretty promising. It is easier to find than its old location, you’ll be greeted by a long, comfortable woven bench that stretches along the balustrade.

The second floor feels more private where you could get some work done or if you’re looking for a place to have an intimate meeting. You can also rent the space for your private events.




FGDO Recommends 


Mains/Savoury Dishes  

fat girls day out- Xocolat

East Meets West (245php) Crispy noodles topped with quail eggs on a bed of greens, bacon, tomatoes and drizzled with oriental sesame dressings.



fat girls day out- Xocolat

Potato Croquettes (175php)

Each croquette is made from creamy potatoes, cheese and chorizo then deep fried. The sauce on top and on the bottom are excellent in bringing the full flavors into fruition. These are absolutely addicting.


fat girls day out- Xocolat

Tortilla de Patata (245ph) Each bite of this omelette was full of flavor from the smoky and salty chorizo.


fat girls day out- Xocolat

Crispy Chicken Bun (295php) Crispy pieces of chicken between two soft buns with lettuce and aioli sauce.


fat girls day out- xocolat

Chorizo Blanco (245php)

This dish uses white chocolate to counter the spicy pasta sauce that uses chorizo and chilies. Great use of chocolate!


fat girls day out- xocolat

Gruyere Alfredo Pasta (295php) Melted gruyere/bacon/light cream sauce/truffle oil hint

Served piping hot on a skillet, try mixing in the raw egg with the cheese. This dish is absolutely decadent with the rich cheese and egg mixed together. The added bacon adds a salty umami flavour.


fat girls day out- xocolat

Garlic Beef Tapa Bowl (245php)

Slices of beef tapa mixed in with garlic rice topped with scrambled eegs, roasted tomatoes and fried greens.


fat girls day out- xocolat

Spiced Xoco Chicken:Sweet roasted chicken with a slight peppery cacao twist.

Marinated Chicken fillet with shitake mushrooms and their signature rub. This dish had a nice spice and sweet contrast. Perfectly eaten with white rice, their use of chocolate here is ingenious.


fat girls day out- xocolat

Xcolat Pork Belly (275php)

Tender slices of pork belly with a side of cacao-bagoong sauce served with a side of rice and greens. The sweet-salty combination of the cacao-bagoong is a good compliment to the pork belly.


fat girls day out- xocolat

Pig Out (295php) Xocolat French toast/Bacon Slab/2 eggs

The Xocolat French Toast is not your ordinary toast. In between the bread, they add a layer of their homemade chocolate spread then dipped in a chocolate batter and fried. This is served with a side of bacon and sunny side up eggs. A great breakfast plate.


Churros Con Xocolat

Homemade  Spanish fritters paired with their in-house decadent chocolate dip


fat girls day out- Xocolat




fat girls day out- Xocolat



From the substantial richness and satisfying bold flavor, you know you’re only getting excellent chocolate in every cup.


fat girls day out- Xocolat

Vietnamese Egg Coffee (185php)

Thick egg yolks whipped with condensed milk on Vietnamese coffee served over candle light. Thick frothy foam that’s both creamy and milky will meet your lips as you get a hit of that strong coffee flavor. Satisfying in every sip.


fat girls day out- Xocolat

Bittersweet (175php)

This chocolate drink is non-dairy and is pure cacao. No sugar and milk added here, pure cacao goodness.


Why Go?

Xocolat sources their cacao locally and internationally, getting the best of both worlds and using each type of cacao in the different offerings in their dishes and drinks that match perfectly.

While I will still miss their kitschy interiors, “Lola’s House” setting, I’m a happy camper knowing  Xocolat still serves aphrodisiac-laced food that is chocolate-centric. A classic dining destination for Katipunan locals and will always be a staple. They are consistent in terms of flavor & quality, their price point is reasonable for the value that you’d be getting.


Xocolat Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


  • New Address:  155 B. Gonzales Street, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
  • Hours: 8 AM–11 PM Sundays to Thursdays /8 AM–12 AM Fridays to Saturdays
  • Average Spend: PHP150–400
  • Socials: Facebook / Website

Engage with us; experience@fatgirlsdayout.com or fatgirlsdayoutph@gmail.com

Find us at Klook PH should you want to join us during our #DayOut. Adult Fieldtrip, yes?

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