Your Zodiac Sign’s 2020 Resolution

Your Zodiac Sign’s 2020 Resolution


2019 is coming to a close and despite many of us not fulfilling last year’s plans, there will always be this awe-provoking promise of a new year. For us to be headstrong about making our lives better, we ought to slate a more realistic mirror and recommend self-reflective changes we should be making based on our stars. Yes, we are big believers of the commonality of your character, fate, and behavior based on your zodiac sign (but, we’ll tackle that subject for next time). This special is the special edition of  our What to Do Series on Your Zodiac Sign’s 2020 Resolution



You need to stop doubting yourself and enter 2020 with boldness.


2020 doesn’t have to be a a rerun of your 2019. You can create the year into whatever you desire.


Stop being starting a new project and then abandoning it right in the middle. You should have high hopes for the decade and for yourself.


Remember, it’s okay if your ‘getting over’ process is a long one. You’ll get there soon enough.


The end of the year is a good time to reflect on what you’ve been doing with your life — You did well, your standards kept shoving you down. Calm down. Not everything is a competition.


Even though it’s a good idea to make a New Years’ resolution, stop stalling and remember you can make a change even at this moment. You don’t have to wait until January to make improvements in your unchecked Life Task List.


2019 made you feel lonely, but you are never alone. You are never unloved. Try to notice more this coming 2020.


2019 might’ve been rough for you, but 2020 is a solid starting point to FINALLY make a better life and relationship choices.


Your 2019 wasn’t a waste. Practice self-awareness and praise yourself once in a while for 2020.


Stop seeing things as is and be more visionary for 2020. You were too practical to a fault.


In 2020, you aren’t even going to remember the embarrassing moments you endured in 2019, so stop beating yourself up over them.


Turn 2019 unfortunate events into an opportunity for improvement for 2020.


More than Making Resolutions


Continuous self-development should be focused on areas of your life that you want to improve.  Whether this is fitness, increasing the amount of books you read, practicing gratitude, learning to play an instrument, learning to become less reactive, etc. Trust the process and never beat yourself up if progress will be slow– again, if you’re self-aware of things that you need to improve on then that’s a good starting point.

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